Huawei's foldable Mate X First Look at MWC 2019: Samsung's Galaxy Fold rival

Foldable phone fever meets 5G mania in Huawei’s latest flagship. At MWC, the company unveiled the new Mate X, joining the likes of Samsung and Royole in offering smartphones with folding screens. But Huawei’s Mate X also claims to be the fastest 5G folding phone — it’s not just the first in the category to claim to support the latest networking standard. We’re not looking at a me-too product here; Huawei’s take on the device has a few compelling differences from alternatives we’ve seen so far that has me thinking it may have the best approach. We were able to check out a prototype (though we weren’t allowed to touch it), and from that brief encounter, I’m already intrigued.

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50 Replies to “Huawei's foldable Mate X First Look at MWC 2019: Samsung's Galaxy Fold rival”

  1. имперский 05

    Хуавей останется хуавей но самсунг это Самсунг с которым ни что не сравнится. Хуавей это как итальянские сыр приготовленный не италянцами

  2. Mecharsis

    huawei's screen wrinkling problem seem to be ok, only at first, samsung also developed this 3 years ago, there's reason why they gave up.

    the wrinkling problem will get so bad, the screen will be un usable in the end.

    huawei stole samsung and lg tech, to make this, but will go through same problem

  3. Jedi solo

    Go Samsung. China sells us their phone but they block youtube.and foreign social media. Business with China is always loose for the world and only win for China. We give money to China but we don't make any money. The world gets poorer and poorer although China gets richer and richer. Don't get fooled by the shit sold by China.

  4. Dear Father

    If u’r poor people and willing to stay at 4G, sumsung is good for u; if u’r financially free, eager to try new technology and 5G, Huawei is made for u.

  5. Dear Father

    One thing I need to make it clear, Huawei is building it’s own high-standard brand with this phone, the target of consumers is those people who are rich, and eager to try new techs. Cuz Huawei is producing only 100000 Mate X every month right now, it clearly not enough for everybody, they know it. So, if u think this Mate X is too expensive, simply don’t buy it, cuz it’s not made for u. Even you have money to buy, I don’t think it will be easy to get one…

  6. qiang dang

    For all 1:30 guys, Samsung has the same problem even worse. The most videos you see from Samsung are their promotions… did you even get a close look and real hands on? They are good at hiding flaws I guess…

  7. Andy N

    Huawei is killing it. Only bought Samsung one time, decisively switched back to iPhone, and now, Huawei. No longer wish to use my iPhone.

  8. bum kyu Kim

    Hey guys,
    Mate X cannot be the rival to Galaxy Fold
    Most of the current smartphone has a protective glass (i.e., No scratch)

    However, all the bendable screen is made of plastic which is weak to scratch.
    Samsung already tries the outfolding style and already developed it a few years ago.
    Then, they realized that they are too weak for scratch and wrinkle on the screen.

    That is the reason it spent so many years for Samsung to make infolding screen

    The inflolding screen is much harder to make than outfolding.

    Outfolding phone is not a future
    Infolding screen is the future of new display.

    Please don't compare Galaxy fold to Mate X.

    Galaxy fold is on a different level.

  9. AJ Amaya

    If this was an Apple it'd be double the price… And they'd only give you the first 25 folds for free..After that it'd be a monthly subscription for x amount of folds for x amount of $$. And of course, NO unlimited folds plan.

  10. 魏思凯

    Why don’t we recognize, Samsung also has the distortion when their screams fold. And this is the main reason why journalist still can’t have the Samsung fold to try in person. Both products screams are made by plastic and very expensive. We are not their customer but the rich guys who will not care the price gap. Conversely, Huawei’ pricing strategy shows their confidence.

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