Huawei’s Founder Speaks To BBC

Our company’s founder, Ren Zhengfei, spoke to a journalist from the BBC at Huawei’s headquarters. He patiently answered questions after questions, setting the record straight on the company’s mission and values, as well as the recent challenges. He spoke openly as an industry professional, a company leader, and as well as a concerned father.

33 Replies to “Huawei’s Founder Speaks To BBC”

  1. CPLASF Sheppard

    US Political indeed, they are spying the world and now saying Huawei too, man, you need to piss off and stop bullying other countries and companies just because they caught up and match your own

  2. VajTsab 8 Sengli

    China can make a claim if they want to, about everybody stole all forms of martial arts from Kung-fu and Tai-chi. Being many thousands years old, all later martial arts can be assumed to derive from them.

  3. VajTsab 8 Sengli

    Huawei is designed for global use, but US wants everything to revolve around them. US wants to spy the world through Huawei, or no deal.
    Huawei did not taylor to meet US's spying needs but rather to provide the world the best yet device.

  4. kingsong FY

    According to the logic of Americans, China should also drive apples out of China, which is ridiculous. The future world belongs to all mankind, Africa is also rising, and Americans are simply too busy.

  5. caodong6

    His campany has 85000 shareholders and he only owns less than 2% shares of the entire company. The average salary in Huawei is 70000 pounds. I don‘t care about intel property, I just want to be distributed my own company shares as well. So i feel the company is like my own and work even harder.

  6. Μιχάλης Τριανταφυλλίδης

    Huawei isn't anymore the leader in 5G. Let the facts speak by themselves. Also having the best sales does not mean that you have the best technology. It might just mean that you are cheap enough. I'm not concerned about their security issues, but mostly about their practices to develop products by stealing other companies technology. Nortel, Motorola were leading the wcdma technology but suddenly they saw their parents being used by Huawei. USA is mostly worried about the IP rather than spying on the Instagram of people who take selfies all day. Do you get it?

  7. Pasta Channel

    F**K China. They blatantly copy every invention, every idea, every technology without respecting any copyrights or patents without investing a single cent in their own R & D. China's trade deficit against any western economy is 800% and by buying any Chinese product you are exporting your country's jobs and wealth to an Imperial power which will soon control your democracy and human rights like they do in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

  8. Elvis Mengisto

    This is why I look to China now, if they have a technology they let the world have it, Americans are sitting on Tech a 1000 years ahead of us, ET tech, and will not share it, it disclose it because it will change the world, China will do it for them, Australia will always leak the US's Ass

  9. Exo Geta

    Was thinking of buying a new phone some time soon, probably an Apple or Samsung…But since I've watched this documentary, Im definitely going to buy a Huawei. Thank you America!!

  10. Aaron Simoni

    hatred and jealousy is the ruin of mankind.

    Mr Zhengfei is a very wise man. I pray his company goes beyond far in life and I am diffidently buying one of his phones.

  11. Joe J

    Should Huawei doesn't generate 100 billion dollars, will the US be so sensitive to this tech conglomerate? Huawei must threaten its leading position in many aspects.

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