I bought a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus from Amazon Renewed in 2020!

I bought a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus from Amazon renewed. Now is it a great phone? It’s 2020 and the Samsung Galaxy S10 has been out for a year. The Galaxy S20 and S20 Ultra have recently been released and the question is, can the Galaxy S10 still be a good phone in 2020?

I also wanted to know if buying from Amazon Renewed was a smart move.

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30 Replies to “I bought a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus from Amazon Renewed in 2020!”

  1. Simply Meme

    I just ordered a Samsung galaxy s10 plus in pink . Off eBay , I bought it in excellent condition. It’s coming tmmrw & tmnrw is going to be a good day .switching from iPhone I feel Samsung would give me more customization to where I wouldn’t get bored with my phone 😁☺️☺️

  2. Thor Unworthy

    True story: Got an unlocked S10+ from amazon Dec 2019, loved it. August 2020, friend called me, it fell off my counter while I was reaching for it, went black. Will spare you some details… Samsung agreed to fix it. When they sent it back, it was AT&T exclusive. Amazon, Verizon, AT&T spun me in circles about who needed to fix it. AT&T said they couldn't unlock it because it was still being paid on, and although they could see that, they couldn't access any further account info. Amazon offered me $80 and the email address of the seller. Samsung agreed they were kinda at fault for not telling me upon repair, that it would no longer be unlocked, but still there was nothing they could do. Today, 9/20/2020, I had to drop spectrum and sign up to AT&T's prepaid plan to not be out of $650 (Although their system said it wasn't paid off, I was still able to create an account for service? ). Just wanted to let you know.

  3. Ameer Ali Ouarda

    I use an iPhone 11 Pro Max but have been thinking of getting and Android phone just to see how it’s like. And then behold, on Amazon renewed I found the S10+5G 256GB for £479 🤩 with 1 year return period. And yes I triple checked.

  4. jesse

    Has anyone else had the error for sprint omadm error 407 keep popping up? I got the samsung galaxy s10 plus from there and I keep getting that error

  5. Catriona Paterson

    @Travis MCP do you think the s10 camera is great? Is it just as good as 11 pro? And do you know how much longer they’ll get security updates in terms of how many years.

  6. Lawomenshoops

    Went to Swappa and the S10 Plus is about $450 and the $10 is about $390. So in about four months the prices haven't dropped that much. But, still a great deal!

  7. fartpoobox ohyeah

    I get a kick out of this: Amazon Renewed:"Product works and looks like new. Backed by the 90-day Amazon Renewed Guarantee".

    The very next line says "The product may have minimal scratches or dents, and a battery with at least 80% capacity." lol. Brand new phones don't have scratches and dents, nor do they have 80% battery". lol.

  8. Chris Laidlaw

    Just received my Amazon renewed Samsung Galaxy S10+ and "WOW"!!! it was in mint condition, and I'm not exaggerating it literally still had the wrapping plastic on it and the battery is at 96%. Thank you for creating this video. I wouldn't have purchased it except for your recommendation and Amazon's 90-day purchase promise.

  9. Saro S

    What would you guys suggest between these phones, s10, 10+ , note 9 (camera is most important, and SD storage) I want to order from Amazon renewed as well, if any of you have experience with it please reply.

    Appreciate it.

  10. Pigielok 832

    I don't have a huge knowledge of tech, what does he mean the batteries being 90%or 80% if lower just return it? Stupid response can it just be charged? Or is it a whole different battery

  11. Neep Neep

    You didnt comment on battery life instead of design which you point out initially your concern. Can you install accu battery and provide the details on it.

  12. Rohan Thakker

    I got a Pixel 2XL ($400) renewed in December 2018 from Amazon. It started having issues in May 2020, where the phone would not start and was stuck on the starting screen. I contacted google and it was still under warranty, so they asked me to send the defective device, and sent me a new Pixel 2XL. So basically, I paid money for a renewed phone and got a brand new one. Lol. I think it's a sweet deal!

  13. Kent VW

    I had no past experience with Amazon renewed but took your advice. I had myself convinced I would be disappointed I received it today and perfect condition with no scuffs or scratches anyway. Saved me about $225 over purchasing outright over Best Buy. Thanks

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