I bought the iPhone XR from Amazon Renewed (refurbished) In 2020!

I bought the iPhone XR from Amazon Renewed (refurbished) In 2020!
The amazon renewed series returns with the most asked for video, the iPhone XR from Amazon renwed. Make sure to see how this phone stacks up against the rest of the Amazon renewed phones. Apple has another winner!

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Here is the Apple Watch from Amazon Renewed:

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34 Replies to “I bought the iPhone XR from Amazon Renewed (refurbished) In 2020!”

  1. eurosoe

    I’m waiting for an Amazon Renewed Apple Watch I’m expecting this Friday. 🙏🏽 thanks for the review, I’m even more excited.

  2. mtcondie

    I am going to get the future wife one of these phones! Thank you for the review. I just found iPhone XRs on Amazon for about $330 for an unlocked, renewed model.

  3. alanhassall

    Back in the days of New Every Two, where you paid the same monthly premium for your cellphone plan regardless of how long you had it and a lot of phones wouldn't run the new apps or OS versions, it made sense to pay for a new phone every two years. Now that we actually pay our phones off after two to two and a half years and the phones are not advancing like they used to, it makes sense to keep them.

  4. M1648

    Need to update my iPhone 6 and want to get a iPhone XR but not sure if I should get it renewed or new or should I get the iPhone 11

  5. will allers

    i honestly bought this phone yesterday with amazon renewed, am still waiting for it to arrive but i have been looking for this exact video to help me with my decision and i think i’m now going to love it after it arrives. 🙂

  6. Ricardo

    my brother has a xr and he uses it all day for everything and he only has to charge it at night when he goes to bed! the battery life is insane!

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