I Finally Gave In: From Android to the iPhone Xs Max!

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I switched to the iPhone Xs Max after being on Android for 10 years. I feel that iOS has made a ton of changes, but mostly the Apple Watch won me over.
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49 Replies to “I Finally Gave In: From Android to the iPhone Xs Max!”

  1. Mars Mars

    It's ironic you mention a lot of YouTubers use iPhone because when you watch videos talking about Android and how good it is, you see they have a damn Apple watch on…LOL…SMH

    But hey, they can certainly do whatever they want : )

  2. EddyGraphic

    Watching from an iPhone XS Max switched from a Note 8 in November 2018 and same experience I absolutely love it! this is the first iPhone that I feel is finally on par with any Android phone, the performance is just buttery smooth no matter what you do.

  3. itachi Theonlylegend

    If you are into mobile gaming or camera or you are simple guy who doesn't use much apps then iphone is the best for you and if you are into customisation or you are a person who likes to use variety of apps or if you are a person who likes to play with tech diversity of smartphones and want to exercise full potential of smartphone tech then you must go for android its just that simple. I wish we can have something new in which we can get both in one.

  4. Craystuff

    I used to be an android fanboy then I switched to an iphone se and it was a huge convenience. Small, light, can fit anywhere, cheap, and most important powerful and faster than most android. Ios device really fits my needs more than android. I never really took advantage of the customization android offers so really i like the simplicity of the iphone(plus everybody around me has it which iphones work great with other iphones.

  5. Tre Scranton

    I think it’s misleading to say the XS Max is the first phone that feels as powerful as Android. When Android has never been more powerful than iOS, in benchmarks or capabilities. I can’t record and produce an entire song,shoot a movie,make the album cover and movie poster. For creatives , Android can’t compete with iOS.

  6. Zaib Jan

    basically if u want a phone with packed everything u need from customization to downloading even like PC u need to go for android like me .
    And if u want to just to call u can go with I phone like safari will not let u download the content u want.

  7. Patrick Spruill

    D branz skin sucks.. It left marks on my phone & was hard to get off after peeling off a dbrandz skin. Idk why so reviewers keeper referring to the them smh. Dbrandz= 0 protection.. Leaves marks on your phone.. There are slim cases with shock proof from high drops.. & clear cases

  8. J-Stars Goku main

    If anyone claims to have a powerful android and says it has lagged up are lying apple fans. Someone complained that his note 8 lagged up. My note 8 been smooth since I got it out the box (a year ago)

  9. ItsTylerJohn

    Huge tip, when trying to make a folder quickly select the first application and hold it till they start the wiggle animation, while still holding the first application just tap whatever other applications that match the same category and they will stack so you can drop them all into a folder at once instead of one at a time.

  10. Francisco Melgar

    Sadly, all my family, friends, everyone around me, no one have Iphones, so Imessage is useless for me. Also, I play with emulators, I cannot do that in the Iphone, the time I changed to Iphone, WOW, I lost a lot of features, I used the phone only for video text and call, all the features that Android offers are not there in the Iphones.

  11. faulkton

    Wow this is me. I've had every galaxy s. Most notes and I tried a iPhone 6 for a week.

    Now I'm XS Max and a couple watchs. I sleep with one.

    It is by far the most fluid phone I’ve ever owned

  12. Karel Camacho

    And I am doing the complete opposite. Just left Apple for the new Samsung S10+ .
    I just got a phone with the best screen display in the world, best rated camera by Dxo, triple camera system, 12 GB of Ram, 512gb of storage (plus SD card slot), fast wireless 2.0 charging, fast wireless charging through power brick (which is actually included in the box and do not have to pay $70 extra for it)……for $748 including tax after Samsung offered $550 for my iPhone XR.
    Now, let's pretend that Apple would come out with a phone with those same specs. What would you think the cost would be?

  13. Leah vapes86

    I never use iMessage anymore near enough everyone I know have switch to android and youse fb Messenger because everybody has it not just iPhone users (I rarely send text messages either) Facetime is different if I got rid of my iPad I really would miss that but it’s not a big iusse, as for the heart rate monitor the one on my Samsung watch does it all two I still wouldn’t trust it with my life they are not meant to be used as a medical products but for workout purposes as there are not spot on but still good to have

  14. Navdeep Singh

    I probably don’t have as much experience in phones and tech as some of you here but I have used enough phones from latest to old to keep coming back to iPhone.

    Why you may ask!

    In my eye smart phone are nothing without apps. Apps are big part of any OS. Both android and iOS have cross platform apps which makes life easy for many users but in my eyes where iOS gives me the edge is being able to use an OS which in most cases is stable and secure with latest updates with all the google apps.

    I just can’t do the same with any Android device. Now that’s not android to blame but more apple for not allowing their apps to be used anywhere outside of iOS.

    Last week I was making cross country call on what’s app. What’s app was playing up on voice call so I used a FaceTime call instead. Granted if I had android I could use others apps but what’s to say that the person on the other side would have that app where chances of them having iOS are very likely.

    Anyways these are my reasons. Thanks to Google for allowing us to use apps on iOS making the whole Apple experience logical.

    Android makers are coming out with amazing phones. 2019 is going to be great year but until Apple allow me to use iMessage or even iCloud Drive on android I have no choice but to stay with iOS.

    Thanks and feel free to correct me as these are my reason.

  15. Zine El Abidine Anas

    You have the right to like whatever you want, but still dont be biased or make false comparisons. And knowing mobile phones manufacturers are paying youtubers nowadays, i wont br surprised if you are among those. Just for example, talking about smoothness, you wont find smoother than s10, s9, huawei mate 20.pro, note, etc. As for daily usage, while android is more powerful and gives more freedom, it even makes it easier for daily use.

  16. Stormrage

    iPhone is great phone but horrible value. For what most people use phones some 250$ Android would get the job done. Is it worth paying 3x more for more or less same product with just few better ,minor, things?

  17. Fluffy Dog

    We are very different. I am frustrated with Apple. I have a lot of apps and indeed, it's very painful to organise your apps. You gave up and search for your apps. Not everyone gives up. Also, the thick bezels looks so outdated compared to the S10+ I have. Build quality of today's Samsungs are very Premium and that's not topic anymore. Anyway, sticking to Android vs iOS, even my apple friends don't use iMessage so it seems that just a small subset of people are on it. I used to have a Note 9 and I miss the Pen on the S10. iPhone will not get there anytime soon I guess. Then the keyboard. Honestly it's painful on the apple keyboard. I always type wrong and the autocorrect is very annoying. I'm much slower typing on iPhone than on the SwiftKey custom keyboard on android. Also, it's terribly painful to jump from apps to apps. "Going back" is very intuitive and I'm lost on iPhone. I also need to close apps one by one. Android has "clear all". I use multi-tasking a lot too (split screen is amazing). However, the only good thing I think apple did great is the taptic feedback when you scroll the date ticker. If android phones had that, it would have been a total killer. Peace..

  18. Isaac Lwanga

    When it comes to these phones just like you said,its about what you want.
    iPhones have faster processors and so on,but android phones ain't slow or laggy,it all comes about one wants

  19. changed tech

    i have always been an iOS guy, and like to see people’s videos from switching OS’s. i currently use the iPhone X and couldn’t be happier. when i upgrade, i want to check out LG phones. since i upgrade in 2020, what LG models should i check out?

    i also can’t complain with iOS. my phone is so smooth with animations and with the X having a 1080p60fps panel, it’s surprisingly accurate with colors. something i can’t say with my previous phone.(s7 edge btw) with the use of my phone, i can get to about midday with about 60% (i hate going under 50%) then i charge it to 80% then i go to bed with 40%. battery life isn’t the greatest but it’s good for the hell this goes through.

    For anyone on the fence about switching to Apple:
    if you want a good iPhone, i recommend the X, 8, 8 Plus, and the XR. all are pretty inexpensive for all of them being flagships.

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