I GAVE IN. [iPhone Xs MAX]

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50 Replies to “I GAVE IN. [iPhone Xs MAX]”

  1. stev6963

    Hey bro if you got the money to buy the new devices that’s your right to spend it how you want! I would buy a new iPhone every year if I could afford it, but I’m on the 2-year S cycle as an average consumer.

  2. Anime Addict

    Your not alone….I had the gold 8 plus which was still in great condition and it is completely perfect…it didn’t slow down at all but I just got it because…well I don’t know….

  3. oksana gutierrez

    Love your vids, Lamar! They’re so cute, engaging and funn!! I was trying to watch some other xs max reviews on here, but just couldn’t…10 min or so into them I was super BORED, and moved to another vid….blah

  4. From The Vine

    I watched to the end Lamar! You are probably the realest things reviewer! I have only ever owned android phones because that's what my family could afford (when phone upgrades were free!). Now that I have big girl money I'm thinking of trying the xs max! Wish me luck!

  5. Zaerrius6

    I am a trapped isheep I have an iPhone X's max, MacBook airpods imac, Apple TV homepod, Apple watch series four, and iPad pro 2018 11 inch with apple pencil I actually CANNOT SWITCH and its scary

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