I Regret Buying The iPhone XS Max…

The iPhone XS Max is a great phone and while I may still do a more extensive review, as of right now I regret buying the iPhone XS Max. Hopefully, Apple pushes out an update that further improves and enhances the user experience of the iPhone XS Max that takes advantage of it’s larger size. Plus, this will give me more of a reason to do a follow up video.

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30 Replies to “I Regret Buying The iPhone XS Max…”

  1. Jonathan Casey

    Quick update: if you think that I am only referring to the size of the iPhone then you misinterpreted my video or only read the comments. If I did not like large phones then I would not praise the Note 9. It has to do with usability, functionality, and wasted space. You may want to consider watching the video again or at least from 5 minutes on. I said it over and over that the phone is not bad I just cannot recommend it to “anyone” as in not every iPhone user looking to upgrade.

    Oh, and for this making comments about the plus model and this model. Usability of those 2 phones are much different. Yes they are nearly the same size but reaching the top of the display on the 8 plus is easier than reaching the top of the XS Max and this same thought goes for 90% of all other tasks.

  2. Dave Pearce

    Having owned this phone for a while, and did a lot of reading I’m surprised that your phone (unlike most others) has great off axis viewing. Everyone else sees the colour Chang to a slightly more bluer tone, as is normal with OLED screens.

  3. m_harch

    Apple definitely needs to tweak their ui and software experience. I’m on an iPhone XR coming from android. I definitely still prefer android over iOS but overall I’m liking my iPhone.

  4. 2.0 Lyf Pop

    It’s all about user preference and how much money you’re willing to shell out. I have an iPhone 7 128gb and apple has some decent trade-in offers going on their website. I’m waiting for the iPhone 11 to come out; hopefully that brings down the price of XS Max 256gb , then I’ll buy ?

  5. TheGolfster3

    The rep at MAC was selling me on all these features on the new iPhone XS max and I looked over to my wife and said "You notice he didn't say anything about the phones intended use i.e., calling and talking on it". If I wanted a phone to replace my laptop then I would do just that. I'll stick to my old and outdated flip phone and save myself the expense. lol.

  6. Johan Andersson

    i switched from samsung to xs max after useing android sens galaxy s6 and i dont regret it. im not saying iphone is better but i cant say that newer samsungs are much better either..irealy got bored on android and wanted to tested something new and im happy with xs max..everyone is showing that android is better then iphone, maybe on paper but on daylie use you cant see the diffirent. only the hardcore fan boys s telling you that you can feel/see the diffirent on daylie uses..all phone are equal so go with the phone you like

  7. mintico snout

    Xs max is there for people who want Xs but with larger screen. Larger screen means bigger body. You have plenty of time at the apple store to hold and feel the products and you still go ahead with the purchase. And now you criticize the Xs max mainly on its size. And therefore it made you regret the purchase? What kind of review is this?

  8. Cherie Casey

    For a girl I have big hands I played basketball in high school I can easily grip a basketball 1 handed yet this iPhone is a tad big I can't do one-handed without the fear of dropping it that being said all the other features make up for it

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