I switched from a Samsung Note 9 to an iPhone XR for a WEEK!

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After my experience with the Note 9 and One UI, I decided to switch to my Apple iPhone XR for one week. Will I switch from Samsung to Apple or was the iPhone not everything the Galaxy Note 9 is?

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24 Replies to “I switched from a Samsung Note 9 to an iPhone XR for a WEEK!”

  1. Joshua Nierstheimer

    Hey Travis. I have a theory. On the XR. On the video about if Apple made a mistake about releasing the XR.

    Here is my theory. Apple wants cheap iPhones just like cheap iPads. It hooks them into the ecosystem. Like you said in your video. “I kind of want a Mac now to use airdrop”.

    In the last keynote they did for the iPod that was one of their main points. Tim Cook says”Over 50 percent of iPod buyers are being introduced for the first time through the iPod”. Why they still sell it.

    Think about it. It’s the same way I got in. You get an IPhone XR then your like I need a music service, Apple Music is right here. I am in the market for a smart watch oh well I love my iPhone, Apple has a smartwatch. In my case I went a little bit nuts and now own one of every product category Apple does. Including, gasp HomePod and beats headphones. I’m into Apple services for 50 bucks a month.

    That’s what Android does not understand as a collective. Samsung gets a straggler Apple user every now and then but if they worked on their product ecosystem. Might entice more people.

    Of course Samsung’s busy fending off other Android manufacturers and since Android is open source Android would need a complete reworking to get on Apple ecosystem level.

  2. Fluen

    The AOD consumes, in my experience, 2% each hour. That might be a reason why the XR lasted longer.
    Also IPhones have double standby time, because of Google constantly trying to find your location.

  3. Joshua Nierstheimer

    Travis again awesome video. Just saying wish I could change my shirt that quickly. It was miraculous. You went from blue to green in 5 seconds it was amazing. I will say you have the politest most intelligent comment section on YouTube. I have fun talking tech with those guys. I rarely saw bashing it was great. Keep up the great work. I plan on doing a channel eventually like yourself just my opinion on pop culture but want it to be more professional so not just through my Built in camera and mic. Maybe I will start that way.

  4. barkingspider2007

    Samsung Note 8 T- Mobile Android 9.0 Pie, can't root and can't use my
    phone call recording software. They just turned my phone into a
    paperweight. I will not be buying the Note 10 in August. Any Ideas
    what to do? Looking at the Huawei 20 Pro.

  5. Matthew Langley

    Great video. I would point out that the iPhone XS (Max) certainly doesn't have that great of battery life (based on various comparisons I've seen at least). So the XR is more of the battery life gains of going a weaker lower res screen phone (which there are some Android options).

  6. Brad Meraly

    I use both as well, that seems to be the right solution for me. Finally, I don’t care anymore which is better, just use the tool that’s needed ?

  7. Antonio Andino

    Doing the same from iOS to android and back. Now I’m on a Xr and I’m really loving this piece of tech. Battery for me is very important. So here I am. Great video by the way and as you said is a preference thing. Sometimes I feel good when I’m on Android I’m sometimes I like iOS better. For now iOS FOR ME is king.

  8. Stanislav

    Jesus Christ…In different parts of the world people are starving to death, but for someone the life problem is to switch from Android to IOS….

  9. Kobe Mendoza

    You know what's funny the note 9 is 4,000 mah and the iPhone xr is 2,175 I think it's because of the way I phones work you dont got to do anything because the phone is optimized by itself this is what galaxy needs to do

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