I switched from the Samsung Note 9 to the iPhone XS MAX – Was this a mistake?!

My experience switching to the iPhone XS Max from the Samsung Note 9. iOS isn’t easy to live with!
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In this video i will tell you about my experience trying to switch from the Samsung Note 9 to the latest iPhone, the iPhone XS MAX.
I will talk about the downsides and the upsides moving from Android to iOS.

iPhone XS Max VS Samsung Note 9 Camera Comparison:
iPhone XS Max VS Samsung Note 9 SPEED TEST:

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23 Replies to “I switched from the Samsung Note 9 to the iPhone XS MAX – Was this a mistake?!”

  1. Michael Danger Dobbs

    @redskull i see you have an iMac i have the note as well but i have an iPad and iMac and i feel that it might be beneficial to get an iPhone to be able to connect all of my devices, i know you mentioned it a bit in yuor video but i am self employed and have my own business i was thinking it may be very beneficial for me what are your thoughts?

  2. Washing Channel

    If someone switches from iPhone to Android and loves it everything is ok BUT if someone switches from Android to iPhone and loves it,its a crime,get a grip of your self ?

  3. Nife Olatipo

    I wanted to upgrade my iPhone 6s plus to a iPhone Xs max in the beginning buttttt after looking at all the comparisons of the XS max and Note 9 I realized that I was about to make a big mistake. iPhone is a great phone but it is so BORING!!! no offense. You can do so so so much more on the note 9 than the iPhone. Yes the face and finger scanner on the iPhone is great but who cares when you can still get in your phone pretty fast on the note 9. Note 9 has a lot more customization features and you have access to more things. I noticed that the iPhone doesn't support Samsung music but if your a fan of the apple music you can get it on the note 9 as well and I think the speaker is better. I'm glad I switched to the note 9.

  4. deathcore daddy

    When you realize that to be able to afford an iPhone, is to be able to afford $400 Studio Beats. iPhone is status and luxury, endurance and quality, while android is performance and durability along with innovation and experimental use.

  5. Mack 334

    I actually just switched from the note 9 to the XS max. I prefer the Camera,Battery,Speed,Build quality,Eco system and updates of the XS. The note has the better display and more customization. Are you really complaining about camera settings lol? You literally only have to change your camera settings once and you never use them again. I really could careless about headphone jack.

  6. Malcolm H

    Been considering switching to iPhone. Even though iPhone has a very smooth "buttery" software usage, I feel like iPhone is too cumbersome in usages, like, for example, having to leave the camera app, to have to go into settings for camera seems so dated. But not being able to put apps where I want, like lower vs higher on the screen, is just stupid and actually pretty lame really, considering, I want apps closer to my thumb of the screen isn't full with apps. I'll stick with Pixel for now

  7. CK112

    Just another reason why I avoid iphone's!! to much money for so little product usage and you don't even get a fast charging brick in the box after spending over $1500.00!!! Apple is not for me!! Just Thinking out loud!!!

  8. Donald RockJr

    I have the iPhone XR and have been sorry I even purchased it. What an expensive disappointment this thing has been. LTE and WiFi connectivity issues all over the place, and it's not the carriers either…..it's the phone. IOS 12.2 update might have fixed it, but it's still too soon to tell. I miss my iPhone SE (64gb) and Qualcomm chips, over Intel (#SMH) as I never had connectivity issues with the SE.

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