I switched to the iPhone SE and LOVED it!

I thought it would be a boring small budget phone but I was wrong…
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In this video, I talk about my experience using the iPhone SE after many years of using large phone with multiple cameras. I talk about comfort, screen size, display, speakers, battery life, performance & more!

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27 Replies to “I switched to the iPhone SE and LOVED it!”

  1. Steve Schaut

    I was due for an upgrade last year to semi-retire my iPhone 8. I wasn’t that impressed with the iPhone 11 line and, when I found myself not all that impressed with the iPhone 12 line, decided to go with the SE. Didn’t have to buy a new Otter case, don’t have to fumble with a phone the size of an Etch-A-Sketch ??, and the A13 processor does a good job for my photography post-processing, GarageBand, and drone flying. ????

  2. jessepruett

    It’s a good phone I got the 10 r to get the new look and much bigger screen not much difference in performance and camera all I do is snap photos could care less

  3. Sandra McMillan

    Thanks for posting!! I’m waiting for mine with Straight Talk. Their website had it for $149.00 with purchase of monthly plan. I’m upgrading from my iPhone 6s.

  4. isaac

    I recently bought one after my XS shutdown and I got say it’s such much lighter and I personally don’t even miss Face ID

  5. Jose Cruz

    My previous phone was a Huawei P10 lite and i was expecting a small android device like Galaxy S10e, but at the price the iphone se 2020 was launched and the small it was in comparison with other phones, i decides to buy it and im really happy.

  6. David Brooks

    Great phone i love it, it's a design i always liked on iphone and I prefer a smaller phone and as for battery it's fine for me as i put a battery case on it and also have a battery pack i carry in my bag just in case it's needed. I also like finger censor better than face recognition.

  7. S. Ganczew

    The screen is small and comfortable for me to use it even with one hand. My short fingers issues. The sound is super cool I didn’t believe that such a good sound could coming from that small device. The camera is okay for me bcz I’m not makin a lot of pictures and I don’t need 10 rare cameras and 35 cameras on the back. The phone is cheap and powerful. I just love it. I was with Android and I think that I will never use Android phone no more.

  8. agohun

    In my country its the same amount as the xr xs and I still prefer this for alot of reasons, and only 50 dollars less then iphone 11 its so expensive

  9. Timmy Turton

    I currently have the iPhone SE after owning the iPhone 4 and then iPhone 5s I upgraded to the iPhone 7 Plus which I found to big in my Pocket and to pull out for a quick text when my Boss isn’t around in work. lol ! So I reverted back to my iPhone 5s before upgrading to the iPhone SE (2016) as Apple stopped selling it. I’ve been Tempted by SE 2020 since it’s launch and held off as it’s a bit bigger than my current SE. Now with the iPhone 12 Mini threw into the equation I’m really tempted by it as I do like the squared off edges like I’m used too. But from a price point I really do like the SE Line of Products and do t think they are better value. I just bought the Apple Watch SE and am currently enjoying using it. I also prefer the idea of Touch Idea. Okay maybe I just don’t like change. Anyways I think I’m finally going pull the trigger and but the iPhone SE (2020) in Product RED. Great Video.

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