I Traded My iPhone XS Max For A Galaxy Note 9?! Galaxy Note 9 Unboxing | Perkyy

I Traded My iPhone XS Max For A Galaxy Note 9?! Galaxy Note 9 Unboxing | Perkyy

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Was the deal! Its Ashley but you may know me as Perkyy…Welcome to my Youtube channel! On this channel, you will see more of me and what i’m about. I will do videos like challenges, pranks, unboxing, shoe collection, hauls, vlogs, storytimes, etc. We are going to grow together and I just want to thank each and every one of you that are going to be apart of this journey! #PerkyyGangOrDontBang

48 Replies to “I Traded My iPhone XS Max For A Galaxy Note 9?! Galaxy Note 9 Unboxing | Perkyy”

  1. glossy bella

    Android: great quality and in general a nice phone
    iPhones: great agility and in general a nice phone

    The people in the comments need to stop being petty and arguing over a PHONE.

  2. Jughead Is Hot AF


    Android: …. but does it come with fast charging wireless charging a headphone Jack bigger screen and an s pen if you order a note series…

    Apple: …. WERE RICHER

    Android: Were smarter.

    Take ur pick.
    iPhone for flexing a sad phone that honestly is worse


    Have a cheaper phone that has all of the things iPhone does + more.


  3. jonny galvis

    Note9 battery last longer than the iPhone max what is that tell you .. note 9 512g plus ad card for more memory .. you need dont nee no iCloud.. note9 is the way to go

  4. Gamer X

    i thing samsung is better buth ipjone is good to some people like samsung some people like aplle every phone has their good stuf and bad stuf

  5. H R

    You can tell the people who like iphone just for the style smft.. iphone is trash tbh.. they don't even come with fast charger my note 9 chargers fast smh

  6. Ron Taylor

    Lol you mean old apple phone don't work and remotely kill the battery lol and till now apple will allowed to buy iPhone 6 and 7 battery. Check out apple stock slamming down oh yea just like their new iPad is bent lol and normal they claim lol

  7. Ron Taylor

    Don't you guys realize that new iPhone use old technology from IPhone 6-7 so you buying old hardware for new price nice.. iPhone x using Samsung OLED screen. Oh pls Samsung can use memories stick while apple user buy more storage from apple cloud rips off

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