I Used the NOKIA 7 PLUS in the U.S. for 3 Weeks, Here's What Happened

So here it is, my review and feedback based off of using the Nokia 7 Plus in the U.S., which is not fully supported in this country. I go over the details of the camera, battery, screen, day-to-day usability and the glorious headphone jack.

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24 Replies to “I Used the NOKIA 7 PLUS in the U.S. for 3 Weeks, Here's What Happened”

  1. kenny play

    Do NOT BUY NOKIA 7 PLUS, NO USA SUPPORT FOR REPAIRS. Had the Nokia 7 plus. Screen went blank, black, died, dead… After 4 months. Used in US ON ATT, SINCE I bought phone on Amazon. Nokia REFUSED ANY HELP SERVICE AT ALL. !!! I sent phone back to warranty company. Got a OnePlus 6T. Fantastic phone. DO NOT BUY NOKIA 7 PLUS. , NO USA SUPPORT FOR REPAIRS.

  2. Ritzar

    MMS is neither a phone issue nor software. Since the device is not officially for sale in the US, the operators cannot apply the proper settings and adapt the MMS to the phone, as the info about the SW/HW is missing in their servers.

  3. DeadlyBrianX

    None of the problems that you mention are true at all. Here in the South/Mid West get excellent coverage on T-Mobile and in fact better service than most T-Mobile phones that my family uses. I love this phone and was a great alternative to Samsung.

  4. Noah Hood

    I'm glad that you reviewed the Nokia 7 Plus thoroughly for US users. I'm interested in this phone but wasn't sure how compatible it would be with US networks.


    I don't know how bad the headphone jack is there. But for my galaxy s5, and my mom's s6, they sound tiny and not as good as my dad's zte zmax from 2013 for $150. It's quite sad tbh that a much more expensive phone has a bad quality headphone jack compared to a crap cheapo phone. Anyways, an LG v20 is being shipped right now from Ohio. It's the Hong Kong dual SIM version! Can't wait for it!


    For the mms issue, you have to make an apn setting for your phone. Just look up how to set up project fi apn in Google. Or if it still doesn't work, try using TMobile apn. IF it still doesn't work, then idk lol.

  7. SebaX

    These days I almost stopped normal texting SMS. Cause we got whatsapp and fb massenger . And in those apps there’s no problem to send images. Even big size ones. On my Lenovo MMS is very low quality, drops to 2 mpix only. It’s trash quality, where in whatsapp goes 16 mpix res of my camera. So…. MMS is passe.

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