I WAS WRONG – iPad Pro 11 vs. 12.9 inch

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Hey friends, in this video I’m going to be comparing the 11″ and 12.9″ versions of the new iPad Pro and explaining why I’ve made my final choice. Thanks for watching! 🙂

02:00 Portability
03:24 Capability
06:08 Psychology
10:10 What if you’re a student?

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32 Replies to “I WAS WRONG – iPad Pro 11 vs. 12.9 inch”

  1. Ivy McKeen

    I’m getting the 12.9 inch next month, I do a lot of digital art so I wanted the slightly bigger screen, plus I’m not planning on bring it too many places so portability is not a big factor for me

  2. Allie Schott

    At first I wanted an 11 inch but watched some more videos and ended up getting the 12.9 inch! I am happy I went with the 12.9 bc I love the bigger screen and taking notes and drawing stickers for my business is better than the 11 inch! Go big or go home 😂

  3. Lewis in the UK

    Nice video with a comparison with the two devices juxtaposed.

    I am a 12.9” user and have had two. Haven’t regretted moving up a size. I’m not sure I’d agree that the larger size enables the user to get more done, but it does provide for a better workspace. I’m sure I’d get the same amount done on the smaller device, but I may not enjoy the experience as much. I think there is a difference.

  4. ranjot athwal47

    I got ielts speaking exam on 14 September.Need urgent class from you for speaking.You speak so fluently.I think would hardly get 6.0 band.Btw contact on within 24 hours @ranjot_athwal02 on insta need urgent class tomorrow 😁

  5. Richard Briggs

    People who hold tablets for long periods of time should chose 11 inch. People looking for a “laptop replacement” should get a 12 inch with keyboard. Actually anyone looking for a laptop replacement should just get a laptop. iPad pros are great but far from a laptop replacement. Still a lot of limitations.

  6. Cheyenne Wyatt

    The iPad Pros are bigger. I’m a nursing student and need as much screen space as possible. The new IPad Air (4) will look just like the pro so it’ll definitely help a lot of students.

  7. thewilythylacine

    Does the Paperlike pick up smudges the same as the bare screen (and is it easy to clean those smudges)? Does the matte finish have any effect on the quality of the screen image (does it cut down background reflections, for example) or does it look the same? Great video. I was seriously thinking about getting an 11" to supplement the 12.9 Pro I use as a near desktop replacement, but based on your review, I think getting the next gen 12.9 Pro when it comes out next year is probably a better idea. Thanks.

  8. Jeremy Woo

    I saved money for 5 years to get the iPad pro and I finally got it! Btw I'm 15 and don't have a job, I only got enough for the 11 inch but I think it's good enough.

  9. Cami Elise

    I have the iPad pro 12.9 1st gen still and its now starting to act up. I just ordered the 11inch. Mainly cause of price and I'm a single mom.

  10. superalain1961

    my question is what do you suggest for storage. is 256 enough or should I go 1TB?, I have a 27 inch 11 yr old Imac and want to downsize, my Imac still kicks ass but it is 11 yrs old LOL !

  11. maithem alrobey

    Im a student and from using the ipad 9.7 inch, I feel that the pro would make me get better notes done, the screen is bigger and there is less input lag between the pen and the ipad 😄

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