I'm Leaving The iPhone X For A Google Pixel 2 XL | I Explain Why…

Hello all! Yes so big news for me as I’ve been with Apple since the iPhone 3GS.. I have now completely switched from Apple to Android.. and it feels good. Im very excited about using the Google Pixel 2 XL as my main phone, it looks like its going to be a very promising smartphone!!

My 3 month Review of the Pixel 2 XL:

Google Pixel 2 XL Camera Review Video

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Camera 1
Camera 2
Vlog Lens
Contemporary Sigma Lens
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Sigma MC-11 Adapter
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38 Replies to “I'm Leaving The iPhone X For A Google Pixel 2 XL | I Explain Why…”

  1. Jiani Zhao

    I did the same thing, leaving iphone to pixel 2 xl, but it's the most regret ever. This Pixel 2 XL is the worst product ever!!! I will never buy any google product! I had pixel 2 for over one year, and my device had the issue with speaker that I couldn't hear anything from the phone, google sent me a refurbished one, and the problem still existed. Making a phone call is an issue with a cell phone, what do you need it for then? It seemed they don't have any way to solve the problem, and they won't refund you at all. At lease Apple has good return policy. My sincere advice, stay away from GOOGLE!

  2. elly nicole

    You really gave me a good laugh when you described the iphone face recognition issue ??? I've been an android user ever since smart phones came out and now I was debating if I should switch to ios and get the iphone xr but after seeing your video I don't think I would ever do that. I really don't understand how people buy iPhones over and over again, to me they seem so boring and like you said nothing out of the ordinary. Androids are so customizable is hard not to love them and the SD card, if you get a phone that offers such feature, is so nice to have to back up your videos and photos. I think you'll love the android experience much more than ios. I think is easier to come from iphone to android instead of the other way around just because like you said with the android you have so much more freedom to do whatever you want with your icons, widgets and overall customization and when you cross over to iphones you don't have that and you see the difference.

  3. R Baker

    The recent iPhones and their prices have finally put me off. I’ve actually been more drawn to the smaller Pixel 3 and like the idea of minimising to a smaller phone. Think I’m going to defect over to Android when my upgrade is due early Dec 😉 Good to see how happily you embraced the new software!

  4. Alex J

    Pixel 2 is that book being judged by its cover. It's an exceptional phone. I switched from laggy IOS 11 and will stick to google phones

  5. MrTechnology83

    I live in ?? What I want to know is if I don’t have Verizon, I have AT&T I can use the unlock version on AT&T???? Or I will missed features??
    Please help…..

  6. Jake Boyce

    That little rant about Face ID was very exaggerated.
    I’ve never had an issue with Face ID in bed or otherwise.

    When he made the point about Face ID not working when you’re leaning back on the couch I actually tried it, while leaning back trying to unlock the phone from about 2 feet away with my hood up it worked the first time and fast.

    So must be your own person problem

  7. jonathan X

    Even for a heavy apple user, you are a PAINFULLY casual tech guy. But I'm gonna be real, it works. It's pretty cool to see an average, non-tech-aficionado perspective. I dig it, nice vid

  8. Moose Be Canadian

    Great video! I’m thinking about leaving Apple and going for the s9+. I love Samsung’s hardware and I’m just bored of iOS. The thing that’s holding me back is iMessage.

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