I'm not mad, just disappointed… – Galaxy S10/S10+ Review

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40 Replies to “I'm not mad, just disappointed… – Galaxy S10/S10+ Review”

  1. ethan1627

    This channel is getting dumber and dumber… ??‍♂️ They don't even know what to complain about anymore. If you want something perfect do it yourself… Just because you know what would be best . ??‍♂️

  2. larry michii

    hate the hole, hate the curved glass. just put a small bezel on top. Also hate the aspect ratio. really tall and thin is not practical. Also is the screen capable of handling the higher brightness without burning in sooner. All amoleds burn in and turn colors. This might be why samsung skipped oled for micro led for tv tech. Its fine for a device im gonna keep for 12 months. The pricing on phones is ridiculous.

  3. LazyGibbon

    I think I might actually settle for a Nokia phone that just does the job for now. I don't want to pay pay sub 1000 euro phones to end up with either no headphone jack or curved displays with camera cutouts.

  4. ひきこもり。孤独な死。マサオミ 高橋。Masaomi Eric Takahashi.

    NO!!! I will stick to my wonderful iPhone Xs Max! Samsung will NEVER ever come close to iPhone in terms of quality and durability! Especially functionality and user friendly!
    Tried Samsung umpteenth times and both the design and functionality irks the hell out of me! I won’t elaborate further but leave all Samsung consumers with this revelation: comparing Samsung to iPhone is similar to comparing a Hyundai car to a Mercedes Benz! PERIOD!!!

  5. Steen Gustafson

    The fingerprint issue will be completely fixed if you get rid of the screen protector. It's lightning fast and accurate without the screen protector Samsung included (who thought that was a good idea?).


    It's a shame to see how the market has been totally floated with crappy technology and quality through the greatest of misleading marketing tactics!
    I feel like most companies out there, are only focusing their efforts, to please stakeholders, by increasing profits to the maximum, minimize costs to the bottom, maximize advertising and finally delivering way over priced crap to consumers.
    It's almost like watching drugs "medicine" commercial on TV, Have you?
    They distract you with beautiful songs, and beautiful scenes, mean while they are selling you garbage !!!
    How do you feel about it?

  7. jneydog2

    Linus: makes video criticizing Apple and their $1000 phone
    Comments section: YEA FUCK APPLE
    Linus: makes video criticizing Samsung and their $1000 phone

  8. Kaspars Krumins

    Volume control is not only on s10 like that – that's One UI thing – even my s8+ got it after update. Update your note9 and i bet it will have it the same way

  9. Vollgas H

    You should rename your channel to Linus Whine Tips… You're definitely feeding off the negativity and this will hurt you in the long run.

  10. izzy.duz.it_ 1124

    Niggas ain't never satisfied ??‍♂️ these phones dropping back to back and someone always gotta complain like damn they tryna keep up with us with these new ideas like nigga you build the damn phone??

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