I'm returning my Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip finally arrived and it’s time to take it for a little test flip.

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30 Replies to “I'm returning my Samsung Galaxy Z Flip”

  1. hotguyrule

    Thanks for the review, I'm debating on financing this through t mobile and its$1500 total but there wanting $49.99 down plus tax which is totals $176.18 at checkout and $60 for 24 months

  2. Mike Babbs

    I'm 5 minutes in and this is one of the cringiest reviews I've seen. Seriously, complain about stuff that's at least a little relevant. I heard a grown man complain about him having to lift his finger higher to touch the address bar.

  3. ZekeMagnum

    we are back in 2010 boys. flip phones! fold is a more logical way for the future. not flip. it is just like any phone when unfolded… the only thing is that it takes up no space in your pocket. 1700 for a small pocket phone with weak display? nah

  4. Peter Easton

    Can you really return an expensive mobile phone purely on the fact you don't like some small aspect of it……surely it's YOUR responsibility to choose the right phone for yourself and research it properly……it's not the retailers fault you're so fussy….but they will loose out!! .Wouldn't be so easy in the UK!

  5. swingstylez

    I didn't get flip phones ten years ago because they looked cool. I got them ten years ago because they felt cool. I love to flip to answer and hand up, and use a bent a phone to talk into!

  6. Dark

    I feel like foldables will probably win more points is the tablet configuration especially if samsung gives them SPen support because bam suddenly you don't necessarily need to buy a tablet separately and you have both by carrying your phone

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