I'm Switching BACK to Android! Galaxy S20 vs iPhone 11 Pro: 40 Pros & Cons

I’m switching off iPhone (using since Sep’19, 5+ months), back to Android with my Samsung #GalaxyS20! Here’s why: a list of 40 PROS and CONS of the S20 vs iPhone.

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47 Replies to “I'm Switching BACK to Android! Galaxy S20 vs iPhone 11 Pro: 40 Pros & Cons”

  1. Jourdan Go

    You forgot

    1) samsung Dex -> you basically have a portable workstation

    2) multi window apps

    3) Dolby atmos

    4) sound assistant – you can have multiple apps play sound at the same time and you can control where they output

    5) one handed screen mode


    7) Remappable bixby key

    8) taking a video with both front and back cam at the same time

    9) Samsung Knox and Samsung Pass

    Hm I probably missed a bunch hahaha!

  2. JetX

    How is it 2 taps for speaker phone on the iPhone when you only have to click once? This review is getting dumber and dumber and now I see why you have as many dislikes.

  3. JetX

    Big dislike, and no I'm not an iPhone fanboy, I'm actually watching this video because I'm considering of switching back to Android from the iPhone 11 Pro but seriously you are mentioning things that are just way too obvious.

  4. Tim Pictures Inc.

    I don't think you understand what pixel density means. Pixel density is how many pixel there are in a given area usually measured in inches. Higher pixel density makes clearer and more sharp images not how much stuff you can fit on the screen of your phone. American education…

  5. Joshua Tree

    i cant be bothered stuffing around with finger print/face recognition/password security because there is nothing on my phone I want to hide and if I lose it then I just use GOOGLE location services and render it dead./

  6. Mahii 1723

    if you're rich go for samsung if you can keep changing phones i'm not all about features i just like a good camera and enough storage and a long life so i dont have to keep switching phones as im not very rich and the iphone is known to have a longer life span its minimalistic and is pretty much in the same price range as samsung obviously samsung does have some features way better than iphone but i'm going to stick to iphone :)) (this is just my own opinion and is not intended to offend anyone )

  7. Ana

    I just feel like a 60-year-old now that you said you go to font size and make it tiny… I always make it one or two points bigger than the original setup. Does anybody else do this as well or just me and old people?

  8. WMS86

    So how I counteract the inconsistency of the fingerprint. I just add the same fingerprint a second time (Fingerprint #2) and keep the original fingerprint (Fingerprint #1). Works like a charm after that.

  9. Kaitlyn Daugherty

    If Android & Apple Created a Phone Together id want it to Look Like the Iphone But all the features of Android & Customizable like Android 🙂 and it would Most Likely the Best Phone in the World 🙂 i Like Both Android & Iphone & i Have Both, and right now using an iphone but the next phone i want to get is the S10 plus

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