I'm Switching From iPhone 11 Pro Max to Note 20 Ultra

I’m Switching From iPhone 11 Pro Max to Note 20 Ultra – Hello all and welcome to Why I’m switching from Apple’s latest iPhone 11 Pro Max to Samsung’s all new for 2020 Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G. In this episode I explain to you my personal reasons for switching. The intentions of this video is to inform you of some of the pros of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra over the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Many believe that just because iPhone is iPhone there is no competition. However, the Note 20 Ultra 5G surpasses the iPhone 11 Pro Max in many categories. Enter this video. If you have an iPhone 11 Pro Max or Note 20 Ultra 5G or both devices, please consider sharing your feedback on your experiences with the community down below in the comment section of this video 🙂 As always, thank you for watching and be sure to well and peace.

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Introduction 0:00
#1 Reason for switching (Build): 0:50
#2 Reason for switching (Cameras): 1:52
#3 Reason for switching (Design): 4:24
#4 Reason for switching (120hz): 5:33
#5 Reasons for switching (S-Pen): 6:32
#6 Reason for switching (Battery life): 7:47
#7 Reason for switching (Biometrics): 8:26
#8 Reason for switching (Connectivity) :9:14
Conclusion: 10:04


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37 Replies to “I'm Switching From iPhone 11 Pro Max to Note 20 Ultra”

  1. Nick Ackerman

    I'm switching from iPhone 11 Pro Max to Note 20 Ultra! In this video I explain and inform you of 8 reasons why the Note 20 Ultra might be the better pick for you as these are the reasons right now it is the better pick for me and enough to warrant the switch! Comment below and enjoy the content 🙂

  2. brotherloui3

    I’ve heard that phrase so many times already from different tech reviewers. I, for one is planning to get back to iOS after trying the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus for almost two years now.

  3. Bryan Bryan

    Quick question. Is the under display finger print, power share, s-pen, 120hz screen, 8k video, pro mode camera, punch hole design, and 50x zoom capability more worth it than anything the 11 Pro Max can offer? I'm actually torn between the two.

  4. Rafael Pretto

    That's something I noticed more when I changed from my iphone 8+ to galaxy note 9. Wifi, call quality e specially I could get 4G signal anywhere, and I always had trouble with iphone for that and thought it was the carrier fault.

  5. Ernest Marvin Esteban

    I did the same.although I am not really 100% switching because I still use my iPhone 11 pro max as my secondary/back-up phone. The 120hz on the Note 20 just made my iPhone's display look "laggy" whenever I am using it.

  6. Ashraf Songal

    Wow.. switching from iPhone11 to Note 20 Ultra,
    I am a big fan of Apple iPhone. Unfortunately still I cant afford a model to buy. But I am really enjoy all reviews of iPhone. I don't know why I am watching the all the available reviews in the you tube. Hope one day I will own it. Happy to see your switching review.

  7. iCE_SKY

    why u switching its just a phones like just keep it with wow switching because its a better phone ok are you going to feel more satisfied? its just a phone bro

  8. Malachi Grimsley

    Here is the thing about going from iOS to Android/Samsung, once you’re in the iOS ecosystem it becomes incredibly hard to leave. To add insult to injury when I went from an iPhone X to an Note 10+ I was incredibly impressed with the build quality, batter, charging and the cameras. The reason I wanted the note was so due to trying to minimise the amount of products I used, i figured a “phablet” device would suffice.
    The truth for “me” is I just love the way Apple does thing, I noticed more targeted adds on an android device, I had apps crash regularly on the note, and games that I bought again on the google play store also would crash. There was just more stability in the iPhone experience for me, my Apple Watch was also just collecting dust.

    I really don’t like google and it’s services so going back to an arguably “worse” phone (iPhone X) was honestly the best thing for me. I feel that there is more of a reliable system Apple side. All in all the note line of Phones are great for people already over there but if you’re already in the Apple camp, trust me when I say you’re not missing a whole lot.

  9. Hosni Guiling

    I love both but I can never give up the iPhone as my main and primary phone. I buy the latest Android phone as my secondary phone. I just jumped from the amazing OnePlus 8 Pro to the N20 Ultra. Will give it a month and see if it can beat my great experience with the OnePlus 8 Pro.

  10. T Griffin

    All phones basically do the same things. They all text people, make phone calls, surf the web, check emails and go on social media sites. And, that's all the average consumer cares about. Refresh rates, camera punch outs, squared off edges verses rounded edges…, they don't even notice. All they care about is what a phone does, only us geeks care about all that esoteric stuff.

  11. S Dizzle

    I hate the bronze pink color, I love that it is Matte though but why didn’t they make the Black and White Colors Matte? They have different Colors on the regular Samsung Galaxy Note 20 like Green, why not on the Note 20 Ultra? They are playing games both Apple, and Samsung giving us some upgrade but then gonna give us a little more in a few months

  12. Aero Storm

    I like gaming so IPhone is the way to go. You get the phone that suits your need.
    Android and iPhone are in their own lanes but not phone services providers.

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