I’m Switching To The Samsung Galaxy S10..

Samsung has convinced me to leave team iPhone.. Here’s why I use an iPhone & why I’m switching to Android (Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus) GIVEAWAY VID:

Galaxy S10 Playlist:

Samsung Galaxy S10e vs iPhone XR Drop Test:

Samsung Galaxy S10 Water / Freeze Test:

33 Replies to “I’m Switching To The Samsung Galaxy S10..”


    $$$$ thats apple there software and app stores are terrible and what about google keeping apple alive so in the future they will eventually close the doors on apple once they know appe is even more dependent on them as much as already. they make great quality but just because the name doesnt mean i buy there new phone each year unless it is deserving. Headphone jacks car audio aux yes i have bluetooth but a bonus also a plug in microphone is more dependable also multiple people watch same show listening on headphones and bluetooth power issues.

  2. Emily Hare

    Why would people even care if you are Samsung and no longer iPhone (I mean regarding your messages turning up green). Just choose the thing that works best for you. I’ve just ordered the s10+ and have an iPhone 7+ at the moment and look forward to the customisation. Apple sadly seem to be behind these days (I still have my iMac though which I love)

  3. Ben Cowan

    Hey man…I have just ordered one. I can’t believe it either. I couldn’t stand Android but Apple have dropped the ball on tech loyals like me. The S10+ seems to be just a better phone ? Fingers crossed I’m right. Haha

  4. maricelagee

    Really close to switching myself. So over the same thing with apple. I tried my friend’s Samsung phone & it was sooo light compared to mine. I also like the fact that she can customize her phone’s theme. I’m tired of seeing the same damn theme on iPhone.

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