I'm Switching To The Samsung Galaxy S9

Prepare for my Samsung Galaxy S9 review.

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The Samsung Galaxy S9 is Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone. I’ve officially switched from the Google Pixel 2 XL to the Galaxy S9+ in order to evaluate it more extensively. My Samsung Galaxy S9 review will be coming soon.


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48 Replies to “I'm Switching To The Samsung Galaxy S9”

  1. Michael jf

    Why do pop-up advertising only show up on Samsung phones for some reason I can't shut that off and it's frustrating makes me want to go back to iPhone

  2. Hui ting Wu

    how do u turn on password for wen turning off your fone?
    I use to can turn my fone off and it ask me for my password but now it just turns off without asking me……Just in case my fone gets stolen the thief can't turn my fone off

  3. Lee Parker

    I always went for the iPhone anyway I was due my update so I go into my local 3 shop to get either the iPhone 8 or the x so I decide on the 8 just about to sign up for another 2 years when one of 3 assistants said there is a brilliant deal on the Samsung Galaxy s9 as soon as my wife heard deal she wanted to now more £100 pounds cash back no upfront costs 50gb so reluctantly I went with the s9 and I have to say I'm glad I did what a beautiful phone so much different than the apple phones but equally impressive lovely to hold looks great now I want the s10

  4. Nick Fleming

    But how cool is the curved screen though. Cynics say its pointless, it distorts the image, etc etc. But I have ZERO image distortion, and it looks sick, its hard to describe, it just seems like magic

  5. NoCoolNameJim

    I think I might switch to Samsung. I can get a s9 for 5$ a month with my carrier and it’s a lot less expensive with 30$ a month with my iPhone. And it just seems a lot better.

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