iMessage for Android — I was WRONG

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Confession: I’ve been saying for years that Apple would never make iMessage for Android because it would hurt the overall value of iPhone and, for the last decade, iPhone is where the vast majority of Apple’s money has come from.

But, with the saturationing — the phone business hitting maturity — and Apple increasingly turning towards its ecosystem — additional products like Apple Watch and AirPods yes, but also and especially services like Apple Pay and the upcoming Apple television shows — that could all change.

Apple has long been offering Apple Music on Android, and has recently announced iTunes for Samsung televisions. Yeah. Samsung. iTunes. Stop the record and rewind that. As well as AirPlay and HomeKit for LG, Vizio, and Sony.

So, could cross-platform iMessage finally start making the kind of sense that does?



31 Replies to “iMessage for Android — I was WRONG”

  1. Trent Blevins

    Why does it look like he's about to cry throughout the extent of this video….or at least up until the part I stopped watching?! Almost painful to watch, yet kinda funny.

  2. Juan Farias

    I think that if Google's Fushia comes with an integrated iMessage-like for their OS, they will pull that trigger to try to pull as many people from that upcoming messaging base. I liked Allo, it's too bad they are killing it.

  3. Jumper Cables

    If I have a contract with messaging included, why would I pay to text someone with a third party app. People are dumb if they do that. Who cares what color a bubble is?

  4. Chris Albin

    Here's a big part of iMessage in the US. Little kids. Young kids start on iPods, iPads before getting a real, cellular service device. So they are ALL starting talking with their friends on iMessage. My 11 year old daughter says she would rather have an old iPhone than a Galaxy S10 – purely bc of iMessage. Of all her friends, I think one might have am android device and the other friends rip on her for it. It's insane, and I can't imagine my NY suburb is the only place this is happening. While adults are starting to wise up and give android a shot – the younger generation is locked on iOS with iMessage being the biggest reason. It's tough for me as I personally would never use an Apple product… Apple knows this and that's why they ain't gonna change anything in regards to iMessage.

  5. Glucose Guardian

    For as successful and innovative Google is, they have done probably the worst job in creating the most fundamental communication app for mobile devices. I have used every one of their messaging since g-chat and none of them can come close to iMessage.

  6. Pigoath

    It wouldn't work. The rest of the world doesn't give a shit about iMessage, we use WhatsApp and as a service, WhatsApp is way better, we have it on the web or our regular desktops (MacOS or Windows).

  7. Mike Hightower

    Try “Air Message” app for Android. You need a Mac and need to set a static IP address. It reroutes your iMessages to your Android from the Mac. I have the Mac linked to all my iPhone iMessage and texts which is cool since I carry 2 phones one Android and one iPhone. Now I get all messages sent to my other phone doesn’t matter if it’s a regular text or iMessage from my primary number.

  8. Beta T.

    I still don't understand the point. You have blue, I have green.

    Again what's the advantage?? What value is this adding to my life?

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