iMessage on Android

iMessage for Android is here, it’s legit and it’s not (that) hard to setup.
The full install guide:

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44 Replies to “iMessage on Android”

  1. mephistFlo

    Are so many Americans really so insecure, that they don't reply to someone with better phones?
    I don't know anyone with a similar problem in Europe.
    And ios developed into a really unintuitive mess…

  2. f0t0b0y

    7:50 being treated like a normal human being isn’t being told by android people how much your Apple products suck. Always, get over it. Apple will always dominate.

  3. f0t0b0y

    You trick the person, they meet you, realize something’s off, date goes on and then they see your Android, it all makes sense and you never here from them again. Or the end up really liking you but then you tell them how and what you did and it’s over. Moral of the story, android people should just date themselves. ?

  4. Facide

    Get an IPhone. Problem solved! I don’t see any point of having an android phone in this world. IPhone backend = Linux. It’s basically like amd vs intel. Intel wins no matter what. AMD will always lose. Perfect products always on top.

  5. Mike G

    I see grown adults rag on each other over the stupid bubble thing. The way I see it, green is the color of money.

    But anyway, if ya can't beat em join em.. So all iPhone text messages show up on my phone in a shit brown bubble!

  6. Mike G

    Reason why Apple displays text messages from Android in green…

    My guess is that Apple hopes kids will pick on their friends who will then pressure their parents until they cave and purchase them their very own status symbol (synonym for iPhone).

  7. awsome12938

    I mean if someone doesn't wanna date me cuz I don't have an iPhone is probably a bullet dodged as they probably have other terrible personality flaws

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