iMovie for iPad & iPhone – Top 10 Tips & Tricks for Mobile Editing 2016

In this epic tutorial I teach you my top 10 iMovie for iPad & iPhone tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your mobile editor on iOS.
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iMovie for iOS is a powerful video editor for both iPhone and iPad but there are many shortcuts and features that are easy to miss. How many of the following Top 10 iMovie for iPad & iPhone tips and techniques were new to you? And which iMovie for iOS features that you use regularly did I miss? Please let me know in the comments.

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You can download iMovie for iPhone and iPad from the App Store:

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47 Replies to “iMovie for iPad & iPhone – Top 10 Tips & Tricks for Mobile Editing 2016”

  1. ItsBB

    How to change the text scene by scene
    Like for example i want to say "hi" for like about 2 seconds only, so how do i do that? Ive been trying to figure that out

  2. OnLunch

    Hey nice video! Cann you make slideshow "animation" thingy with ipad (with no effects)?
    with 720p to 1080 p quality too?
    Someone please help me?

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