Improve Battery Life on iOS 12.2 | 12.3 (Beta 2) or onward | Tips &Tricks to improve battery Health

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Today in this video we are going to tell you Guys about How to improve your battery health of your All iPhone Models on Latest iOS Version 12, 12.1, 12.2, 12.1.1,12.1.2,12.1.3(Beta 4).Hope you Guys like the video Don’t Forget to Subscribe our Channel for more interesting Content.

MORE tips on improving your iPhone battery!

Some of the tips include:
– FaceID eyeball tracking
– turn off double click side button (Apple Pay)
– Siri suggestions are everywhere!
– Enhanced battery view
– New Analytics options to rule the world
– Change Email to fetch (fetch, boy!)
– stop calls on other devices
– Safari: suggestions and preloading (no cookies 4 u!)
– Stop clearing multitasking
– Update apps, iOS
– Turn off auto updates
– Reduce transparency returns
– Shake & bake! (yea-yuh!)
– System haptics

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6 Replies to “Improve Battery Life on iOS 12.2 | 12.3 (Beta 2) or onward | Tips &Tricks to improve battery Health”

  1. Akbar Ali

    My battery capacity is 90% and peak performance is also normal but my mob automatically switch off when it come to 30% what to do ? And my software is 12.1.3

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