Improve iOS 12 Battery Life – Tips & Tricks

MORE tips on improving your iPhone battery!

Some of the tips include:
– FaceID eyeball tracking
– turn off double click side button (Apple Pay)
– Siri suggestions are everywhere!
– Enhanced battery view
– New Analytics options to rule the world
– Change Email to fetch (fetch, boy!)
– stop calls on other devices
– Safari: suggestions and preloading (no cookies 4 u!)
– Stop clearing multitasking
– Update apps, iOS
– Turn off auto updates
– Reduce transparency returns
– Shake & bake! (yea-yuh!)
– System haptics

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42 Replies to “Improve iOS 12 Battery Life – Tips & Tricks”

  1. Roberto Cohen

    so you spend all that money and you're turning a lot of the features off. I do understand some but for e.g 3D Touch….. why turn that off? I doubt it saves much battery time.

  2. Gino Guillermo

    Have you done an actual battery test comparison between the older 11.4.1 to the newer 12.1? I heard the latest software has actually decreased the battery life of the iPhone 8 and older models. True?

  3. yousef md

    i bought a new iphone x ,it's been around 3 weeks , and my battery health is 98% wtf. i'm not a heavy user , i can use my phone for 2 days without charging but after the update my battery life went from 100 to 99 and within 2 days it went down to 98 from 99.

  4. The Metic

    Hey Apple geek i just bought on Monday my iPhone 8 Plus and updated on Tuesday to IOS12 and I’ve heard that the iPhone 8 Plus has a very good battery life and u can use it without charging at least 11 hours on screen. But in my experience it doesn’t last that long and it seems like the battery drains fast…Will that change and do u think IOS 12 is to blame ? Or is that normal and I have to wait cuz I have a new iPhone? I hope u will answer and my battery shows wrong stats

  5. Key Gen

    I have iOS 12 installed on an iPhone X. However, a lot of the settings you are showing here are not even available on my phone, they don't seem to exist??

  6. Riz Shah

    Is that ur brand new Iphone Xs Max ? Recently, I just updated to ios 12 and I noticed the battery life was so suck. It drained so fast even I didnt use it. So disappointed. Should I stay with ios 12 or downgrade back to ios 11 ? Do you have any suggestions ?

  7. W J

    New iOS release and just like the previous year of iOS 11 the 12th edition is laughable at best. Apple has become the buggiest OS on the market. It's bad enough the battery is meh but now it's even worse. Sad, sad, sad and sad.

  8. Dedal

    I have a very important question: I am an all life android use, and I want to switch to apple, do u think the XR is a viable option?

  9. Mayank Sharma

    I have an issue related to iOS 12 update that this update showing me update size of 1.99 GB in my iPhone 7 while the iOS 11.4.1 showing me update size of approx 29 GB because I didn't update my device for any iOS 11 version till 11.4.1 due to lots of bugs mainly fast battery draining issue that's why I was waiting for iOS 12…
    my iPhone is still running on iOS 10.3.3
    so my question is that why this update reduce the size from 29 GB to 1.99 GB only when moving to a major update from iOS 11.4.1 to iOS 12 and will I not get the all features of all iOS 11 versions ?
    Please help me

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