In-Depth Review – Apple Watch vs Android Wear

With Apple Watch and Google Android Wear smartwatches are quickly becoming the first mass-market wearable electronics attracting a lot of attention. Here’s my in-depth look at the two leaders.

00:32 Original Apple Watch (since 1995)
00:36 Introduction
1:17 Try-on experience and three models
02:48 Unboxing
03:06 Design
04:59 Inside
07:50 Functions:
08:13 Watchfaces & Timekeeping
09:38 Communications & Messaging
11:13 Health & Fitness
15:58 Travelling
18:08 Work
19:10 Family & Leisure
20:11 3rd party developer support
21:28 Overall experience
22:40 What’s missing?

Story/editing: Sander Saar
Camera: Liis Rosenberg

Featuring: Apple Watch, Android Wear watches (Moto 360 and Asus Zenwatch)


April 2015, London

32 Replies to “In-Depth Review – Apple Watch vs Android Wear”

  1. George Cuervos

    Excellent review. Probably the most thorough well thought out review I've seen so far on Apple vs. Android wear technology. I'm subscribed. I love to hear your thoughts on Pebble Time ND maybe a review on the Pebble Time Steel And how it compares to the other wearable out there.

  2. Jakob Thusgaard

    As for the fitness test setup: phone GPS in fitness is notoriously inaccurate. The best GPS accuracy comes from wrist-worn devices from for instance Garmin's Forerunner line or Suunto's Ambit.

  3. shifted n' rifted

    You seem awful fond of that Apple watch. Can you compile Apple watch's os for something that was never meant to run it? Nope. But my gear two, which was never offered with anything but tizen as an OS, is working great with android wear 5.1.1 installed. Js. Fanboyish of you.

  4. Nigel Healy

    Thanks for a very well thought out and presented video. To me, the delta benefit of the watch has only so much value even if a perfect experience, so I simply refuse the Apple $. Have Sony Smartwatch 3 $169 on a OnePlusOne $360 or Nexus 5 $350 and I bike to work and use the watch for notifications and voice texts, I simply won't pay the Apple $$$ to do anything more.

  5. Ish

    I was at the edge of my seat waiting for this guy to get mugged for wearing all those smart watches in the streets.

  6. Lord Tigerson

    Your video review was very nice, but in reality I see my android wear as a notification device which some extra features. I like the apps there already are but you are right, they both need 3rd party support. Keep up the good work 🙂

  7. marcandsebe

    I would like to see integration of Google Maps on on the Apple watch. Apple's native Maps app is nowhere near as good. I never use it on the iPhone, as Google as far more information available.

  8. AJ

    Your videos are good but you need to make more videos. For example reviews of new Phones like the Lg G4 or comparisons like this one and your channel will grow ! 🙂

  9. DrMacintosh

    I love Apple and I love the Apple Watch and would love to own one. I believe that the Apple Watch is superior to Android Wear but Apple still has a lot of work to do. The OS is too complicated, I bet Steve would have fired the dev team. Its purpose is unclear, is it trying to replace your phone or show notifications? (It seems to rest somewhere in between). I don't care about 3rd party watch faces, but I do love the large acceptance of the dev community of the Apple Watch. Apple is off to a good start. They just need to tidy up the OS and fix a few things.

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