in DEPTH what's on my iphone 11 (2020)

HI GUYS!! for today, i brought you guys a what’s on my iphone 11, kinda ish requested LOL. I hope you guys enjoy this video and please subscribe for more:)

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25 Replies to “in DEPTH what's on my iphone 11 (2020)”

  1. Eva Brill

    SUPER LATE BUT if you want a screen where you don’t have any apps on it you can just make the first page blank and put everything on the second page and so forth.. hope that made sense..

  2. Ajuka Clement

    CrezyMard_Turlz is the Best, with him am so happy right now my device was permanently unlocked with less charges, I have tested so many hackers but CrezyMard_turlz via Instagram is simply the Best💯🇺🇲

  3. zoe faith

    i just found your channel and i really like it!! btw your thumbnail and video is sooooo good like goalssss✨💘🦋🌸💗💫⚡️🧚🏻‍♀️also, could i maybe be entered for a shoutout? it would be GREATLY appreciated!!

  4. Maya’s World

    Hello ilysm and i got inspired from you and started my own youtube channel i was wondering if you could shoutout me this would be so helpful and i really appreciate it ilysm and thank u i really enjoy watching your videos

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