India Delaying Chinese Smartphone Shipments (Xiaomi, Oppo etc.)

LG gram 17 :
LG gram 17 on Amazon :
Clip From Lew Later (Fortnite BANNED by Apple and Google) –

23 Replies to “India Delaying Chinese Smartphone Shipments (Xiaomi, Oppo etc.)”

  1. shiv

    In a way India is playing into Chinese hands by paralyzing their that USA is in trade war India is the biggest country for China money wise and us is keen on moving to India for manufacturing China surely will solve it's issues border wise into India hands

  2. The Best

    There are local news outlets that show these types of news but the thing is that people just don't check them out .Remember, the sources he uses are almost always one of the western news outlets/agencies which, show the western perspective and not the real aspects of the topic . Also, it is known that they deliberately ignore facts and sometimes morph them to their "western" interests .

  3. Partha Das

    Xiami phones, poco m2/x2 , still comes with cleaner apps , blot apps banned by India in their new batch phones too that can be uninstalled and permissions cant be restricted collecting my data including whatsaap clipboard so notorious is that by the chinese ?

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