Inserting SIM and SD Card in Galaxy S8 / S8+

Galaxy S8 tips and tricks:

A microSD slot is available in the Samsung Galaxy S8! You’ll find a space for it in a tandem tray for the nano SIM as well. This is a quick look at how that all works and a tip to be extra careful.

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  1. Droid Life

    We get it, some of you take the world too seriously. But some people don't know everything. In fact, over a million people watched our Galaxy S7 SIM card video. Lots of people aren't techie and need help. This is a beginners' guide type of video. Just ignore it if you already know this stuff. Thanks.

  2. SusanBrooklyn

    Thank you. Your video was very helpful. But I have a different problem. The new Sim card they sent to replace the old one seems to be a little bit bigger. And doesn't have that tiny hook bump on the Sim card. Same company I got the phone. Now I have to go to the store, grrr.

  3. Kurt Reber

    Why does my S8 look different? The top of my S8 doesn't have a pinhole or a smooth surface at the top, but the phone definitely says it's a S8.

  4. gumshoesoul

    The SD SIM tray is fragile and is designed to break easily. Luckily mine
    broke inside the phone and I had a 64GB card in it. It will remain

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