Inside HUAWEI after Trumps BAN – HongMeng OS is coming !

Donald Trump has banned Huawei and this Huawei Ban also results in Google, ARM and more banning Huawei. But what is Huaweis future Strategy now ?
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ccording to the folks at Huawei Central, Huawei’s Plan B operating system for its devices could be named or codenamed Hongmeng. Supposedly in development since 2012 and tested on Huawei devices, it’s not the first time Huawei have opted out of Google’s nominated OS (remember the Huawei watch GT with 2 weeks battery life that didn’t use Android Wear or was that actually Hongmeng?).
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42 Replies to “Inside HUAWEI after Trumps BAN – HongMeng OS is coming !”

  1. Joel M

    Pretty soon China will be using their own supplies to replace Intel, Qualcomm, Microsoft, and all chip maker. That's a lot of money US companies will lose and eventually bankrupts due to China competition. It's a lot of billions of dollars saving for China. Maybe bye bye to Android too.

  2. b Low

    China will simply banned supplying rare Earth to US and Japanese companies. They can't make chips.. batteries.. missiles..lasers..etc.

  3. senor philipe

    Google china hacks Veterans and military service members with SECURITY CLEARANCES. We receive free credit monitoring from OPM. The only thing china is good at is cooking food w/o MSG..

  4. matneu27

    First US companies like Google created billions of dependencies, then US governments cutting them to manipulate Huawei on their way to success. IMHO a success for Trump with the duration of a straw fire and another long term demolition of the own economy.
    I don't regret that I bought my p30pro a few days before of the US manipulation. I decided to remove as much as I can US based services.

  5. AdamRadz Sinclair


    China's control of rare minerals has the power to disrupt the US economy.
    China producing more than 90 percent of the world’s supply over the last 10 years.

    Rare earth minerals form componentsfor smartphones, screens, batteries, screens, turbines, and are even more critical to drones, missiles, advanced weapons sensors, radars, stealth technology, lasers, electromagnetic guns and jamming technology. 

    Some examples include neodymium, which is used in hybrid cars; lanthanum, used in camera lenses and lighting; praseodymium used in aircraft engines; gadolinium used in X-rays and MRIs; and europium, which is used in nuclear reactors.

  6. Heli City

    Trump the Dotard of America declared trade and tech war not only on China but the entire world and that include American consumers.

    Sure Huawei the great innovator, designer of fine products, developer of high tech will be hurt. But knifing Huawei also mean stabbing China and the world at large. There will be big retaliation on American business and its tech companies. They will lose a whole lot of business.

    You know, U.S. tech have been controlling the world for far too long now. Now this narcissist fascist Trump guy is using Silicon Valley as weapon. He is a tech blackmailing terrorist. This must not stand.

    The world must rise up and develop alternatives. Support Huawei and other China tech as they roll out alternatives to American tech.

  7. This is the Beginning

    Korea Created 5G. But the Anglo-JEW Media says China made it. And China Claims it. Why is America Bullying, Bribing other countries to break ties with Korea. Why dont you White Anglo-JEW owned SCUM break ties with Korea, Declare WAR. Because you cant. So you keep Using your Japanese, NOW Chinree Slaves as Proxies. ALL "White, English Culture" comes from Korea. Jo-Seon Dynasty. White Anglo Superiority? Based on STOLEN Korean Culture. America is a exact COPY of the Jo-seon Dynasty..KOREA> Thats why Korea is a Blank.
    The Japanese and Chinese play along, because Korea Civilized the Japanese, Chinese too.
    What separates the 1st World from the 3rd World? Koreas Culture.

  8. This is the Beginning

    Korea Created 5G. But America/Jew Media claims China made it. Of course, because Apple-Google created Huawei. ALL Chinese companies are American made.Just like all Japanese co. are American, British made. America created Chinas "economy" in 1991, Favored Nation Status". to Destroy Koreas Economy. Because Japan FAILED. Japan was given the Accord of 1861. By Queen Victoria, Rothschilds Bank. to Destroy Korea. The Jo-seon Dynasty.
    Japan, China are both British-Jew Colonies since the c1500s. The British Colinized the World for the JEW. Except Korea. Korea is the only country to BEAT the British-Rothschilds Empire. "Queen Victoria/Rothschilds"..Destroy Korea at ALL costs".
    "Use the Yellow Colonies.."Orientals" to destroy the Jo-seon Dynasty./Korea. And the Engklish language wuill do the Rest.

  9. Maple Canada

    Trump's action in US trade war with China is most probably just to divert his problem at home, especially that his presidency is hanging on a string.

  10. David Chang

    Never in history has the US government devoted so much time, money and efforts to clamp down on a private company like Huawei. Is Donald Trump shaking inside out because the technological prowess of Huawei somehow surpasses all of US combined? Hmm…

  11. Bilian Xiong

    You can see that Huawei values Chinese culture very much. The names of its OS and chips and so on all have meanings that are big in Chinese. Like "HongMeng", it means primordial world before the universe was formed. This word easily makes Chinese people think of one term, "open up HongMeng", which means the end of chaos and the begin of a new world. This simple name speaks everything for Huawei's aspiration. Also, the name of its chip "Kirin" comes from a mythical creature recorded in an ancient book more than 2400 yrs ago, Classic of Mountains and Sea. That is a book with the greatest fantasy. Actually, Huawei registered a long list of brand names, most of which were taken from that book. if u got an interest, here's the wiki link:

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