In this video, I show you how to install an 10.25″ Android screen on your facelift 2012+ Mercedes Benz C-Class. Works on C250, C300, C350 and even the C63.


Trim Removal Tools

Multi-Bit Torx Screwdriver

Music Credit: “TipToe” from Youtube Free Music

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  1. alain jette

    Hi Flex can you help me out i installed the head unit everything works except the ntg mode when it seems to revert to original car stereo i get audio but on the head unit i only display the picture of the car i dont get the fm menu

  2. Soro 2

    How do you make the gps and your old display work I finish installing but my gps won’t work and my display won’t pop up ?

  3. Ximi Asani

    Flex, I didn't break my fiber optic cable but I broke the pin that holds it in place to the radio. Where do I find another connector? I can't put the radio back in place for the android so I said screw it.

  4. Brian Greene

    I thoroughly enjoyed the installation of this headunit; however, the aesthetics that this created just didnt really fit for me – just seemed too far out of place!

  5. Terry

    how did you manage to push the radio back in with all the extra cables?? I'm struggling to the point where I just put the original back in…

  6. A

    Thinking of doing this to my e class seems like the same procedure. Wondering why you ran that aux cable to your cars aux input. Also what did you do with the usb port?

  7. gofarit

    I got a C250 2013, would love to have that large screen. My car didn't come with a rear camera or navigation system, which is something I would love to add

  8. Ghaben Mustafa

    any time i turn the signal right or lift the screen automatically goes to the oem mode and the sound goes low until i turn the signal off , any idea why please ?

  9. Vikas Judge

    Hi I just traded my w204 for a w205 and the screen is smaller on those as its not a premium plus just amg line premium so can i change the screen on that with the one on the video.

  10. Reggie SD

    Just finished the install on this. One of the hardest parts is putting the oem radio back in like every one mentioned…you just gotta have a lot of patience, but it'll work. Removing the center vents was a little tough too, but not as bad. I ran the GPS antenna to the side through the glove box and mounted it on the front right corner of the dash/windshield.

    A few things I realized with the install…you are required to run the auxiliary plug and plug it into the factory auxiliary in the center console for you to be able to have sound when using the unit, otherwise there won't be any have to switch to 'auxiliary' in the sound section of the factory menu. kinda sucks because I wasn't planning on using the auxiliary plug at all until I figured out this dilemma..I finished the whole install, except for this part…i want to run that cable through and inside the center console for a cleaner install, so I will be doing that..but it's 1:30am right now so Im gonna get some sleep ?. I also tried to plug in my dash cam to one of the USB ports of the unit, but ran into a problem of the dash cam not turning off at all even when I turn the carand unit off…it's weird that it's still drawing out power even with everything off.

    DMP Car designs are quick to respond to questions..I asked them about the AMG start up logo and they sent me a zip file and instructions on how to do I have AMG instead of the standard MB on my boot up, pretty cool!

  11. Vincenzo Montenotte

    Well just completed my install and can say that putting the radio back in was extremely challenging due to the wire harness. Something they need to modify for future flexibility. Other than that I did run the wires all the way back into the center council. The easiest way to do this is to run the wire up the right side near the back of the council about 6 inches before you get to the rear ashtray. Inside the council glovebox pull out the little plastic tab that’s in the center underneath the cloth cover. You can run a long metal wire to pull the plug up through the hole. I added an extension so the end plug would be straight. Looks clean and works great.

  12. harry smith

    Great video excellent tutorial how to install the screen and I must say the screen upgrade is really nice, looks very oem nice one cheers for the upload

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