Internet Explorer 9 mobile vs Android/iOS

Microsoft pits Windows Phone against iPhone 4 and Android…and wins –

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  1. r1oot

    @TypeG33K iPhones is for people who don't give a shit about technology period.
    It's the people who were using flip phones/dumb phones beforehand that are now using iphones.

  2. Brian Y

    There are 40,000 apps to accelerate…. Polished apps… Just because u can type the word fart in android market and get 10,000 useless fart apps doesn't mean squat. Try it…

  3. TJ

    I'm glad I bought an iPhone 4S. I didn't buy an Android phone because it's full of glitches, laggy and the UI is just awful and ugly. I didn't buy a WP7 because there's almost no apps on the app store. What's the use in having all this 'hardware acceleration' stuff on the windows phone if there's no apps to accelerate???

  4. David Laurell

    @shockwave2291 yeah ice cream sandwich is going to have hardware acceleration through the whole os. We will probably see hardware acceleration in the browser there too.

  5. David Laurell

    Now compare with firefox for android. That would be interesting. Heard it should be twice as fast as the android browser. Also this test is kinda lame as they are running different hardware, or am I wrong?

  6. Rob Evans

    As an HTML5 developer pushing the limits of canvas this is great news. The phones ARE capable of very high FPS with canvas output such as the speed reader, but are not currently employing the GPU (except IE9). Frankly this shows how bad IE9 is if it can only get 23FPS… the non-GPU accelerated Android gets 11FPS! Imagine what it would get with some GPU help?

    Consider the 3D games you can play on these phones and ask why the browser cannot handle similar output.

    Browsers need more dev focus.

  7. TypeG33K

    I used the iPhone for a year and almost died of suffocation. It's a phone for old people who don't know how to use phones – the OS is way over-simplified.

    Android and Mango suits to those who understand technology and know how to make the best use of it!!!

  8. Xezuka

    @Pancholovexbox360 User error… iOS can get virus just as easy… but it's locked down so you can't install outside App Store apps; thus, no viruses. The OS is no feat of engineering… the system for deploying apps is where it wins.

  9. nothing to see here. move along.

    you know what, if apple wouldn't have seen this laughable performance from an otherwise almost brand new os, they probably wouldn't have done jack shit to improve the browser. just to let you guys know, this shows 23 fps on that version of mango, well guess what? on my beta version of mango, its already up to what is it 29, and that's quite a few ahead of what iOS 5 is capable of. also, to anyone that really is considering a windows phone, mango does a ton more amazing things than the stock os.

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