Introducing the new HUAWEI P40 Series

#VisionaryPhotography has arrived with the new #HUAWEIP40 – join us on the journey in redefining what’s possible. It’s time to explore your stories within stories.
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49 Replies to “Introducing the new HUAWEI P40 Series”

  1. Xereles

    I love the Huawei Smartphones and the p40 pro is just a wonderfull series. But sadly Google is missing. Huawei please try your best to get Google back 🙂


    How can I install huawei commercial in my vlog? If it is OK? Or how to install to install it in my channel.. I am using huawei y9 a huawei y9 prime 2019..

  3. Petar Milkovic

    Does the P40 come with a preinstalled screen protector? Because there seems to be another layer above the glass which seems to scratch very easily even after just 3 weeks of use…


    I have to say…..since you get closer to leaving android you get really close to Apple products. And that is very good. But all I have to say negatively is that you must really improve the user experience in some places like the keyboard and apps going too far down the screen. Sometimes they get cropped by the edges and that’s not good and also the Viewfinder in the camera app could be a little more accurate and clear. Otherwise….good job.

  5. حمدي العيون

    Hello, I am Hamdi from Morocco. Please do not buy Huawei phones. They have a great shortage and are not honest. They say that the phone has a good work system, but a lie that deceives their products. They say that the phone is fast, a lie, even if it has a strong, heavy memory, it is fraudulent and the RAM is fraudulent. Be safe and don't let them laugh at you

  6. meetesh lal

    Huawei should use the Kirin 710A processor and produce budget phone with flagship camera from p40. The phone will be excellent cause not everyone are gamers using kirin 990

  7. denosta Joan

    I used my Mate 20 Pro for almost 2 years. Unfortunately, just few days ago I encounter BSOD (Black Screen of Death). Does anyone encounter the same issue? How did you fix it? I can hear the alarm like everyday so I know there's no other problem aside from the LCD. There are times the screen displays blinking green tint then it will go back to black screen after a few seconds.

  8. SP

    NEVER buying Huawei phone again. China messes with Canadian farmers and falsely imprisons Cdn diplomats because of Huawei. Don't sell your junk in my country!

  9. Ngwato Sewela

    Its only 2 days having Huawei P40 lite and i regret buying it😭.
    I'm even using my old samsung phone as we speak because i cant access Youtube, GMail, My calender (period tracker), snapchat and other apps.
    Its frustrating and i don't recommend anyone to buy it.🚮

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