iOS 10 vs Android N Developer Previews! BETA Battle! | Pocketnow

We’re getting that developer sneak peek at what’s coming soon in the newest versions of Android and iOS, so it’s time for a showdown! Looking at some of the newest updates to each platform’s UI and individual services, which company is currently on the better preview track? YOU DECIDE! Hit the “More Info” icon on this video to vote in our viewer poll!

Android N BETA 3 Preview
iOS 10 BETA Preview

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iOS 10 vs Android N Developer Previews! BETA Battle! | Pocketnow


24 Replies to “iOS 10 vs Android N Developer Previews! BETA Battle! | Pocketnow”

  1. Rauley Shar

    Google and Facebook are thirsty to gather data. Soon, all you android users will be tracked through face detection technology and all the data google have gathered from android users. Google is laughing at all the dumb android users.
    Android users are so dumb that they pay for the phone which is used to spy them, use their information and bought by third parties on auctions. Google your fucking name and something will pop. Thats right!! Soon, face detection technology will be used in the malls to detect public and guess what? That is all legal!!

  2. Playitalready

    uhm…Anyone know why ios has like 12 percent of the market vs. andoid having
    nearly 90 percent even though iphones have nearly 90 percent of phone

  3. Sam

    I prefer iOS's simplicity, but I appreciate Android's customizability and I dig that Google Now feature that scans the page you're looking at for relevant info. Great video comparison!

  4. TJ Torres

    What the hell with people commenting? Instead of people actually being excited for what is to come for each OS, they rather want the other OS they don't own fail. I mean, I own an iPhone 6s and trust me, I'm excited for what's to come in iOS 10, but I'm not wishing failure on Android. Grow up peeps.

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