iOS 11.4.1 vs iOS 12.0: Final Speed Test!

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Is iOS 12 faster than iOS 11? In this speed test we compare first party and third party app launch times and more. From my testing, it looks like this year’s iOS update will make your device just a little bit quicker.

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28 Replies to “iOS 11.4.1 vs iOS 12.0: Final Speed Test!”

  1. Ashton Hardy

    I’m looking forward to third party apps actually supporting iOS 12, I’m sure they’ll boot a lot faster when they do, not saying they’re slow right now, but that way they’ll take full advantage of the new OS

  2. logicalfundy

    Meh, it really looks like the iOS 12 device was loaded with a lot more apps and a different setup. Who knows what was running in the background, so maybe not the greatest test.

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