iOS 11 vs iOS 12 Speed Test on iPhone X!

Apple says iOS 12 is more responsive than previous versions of the mobile operating system thanks to background hardware management changes that instantly ramp up CPU performance on increased demand. We put the claims to the test.

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27 Replies to “iOS 11 vs iOS 12 Speed Test on iPhone X!”

  1. Jawhny Cooke

    Whats the point of comparing performance of a mature release to a pre-release developer beta? You actually note in the video that the beta is always slower sooo why test it now vs after the release?

  2. Jeremy Bank

    A test on iPhone 5S, 6, 7 would be great to see too. I'd like to be able to encourage people to update on older devices if I can prove its faster.

  3. ScourTheEarth

    @appleinsider THE BATTERY LEVELS ON THE PHONES IN YOUR TEST IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT — The iOS 12 phone has a nearly full battery. The 11.4 phone battery is nearing empty… Please re-do as an apples-to-apples comparison with both batteries full?

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