iOS 12.0.1 is Out! – What's New?

iOS 12.0.1 is now available to all iOS 12 devices. This update brings fixes to iPhone XS and XS Max #chargegate and much more. If you questioned whether you should install iOS 12 or not, now is the time.

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44 Replies to “iOS 12.0.1 is Out! – What's New?”

  1. Kiara Carneiro

    i have an ipad 5th generation and i upgraded to ios 12.0.1 and today i noticed the charging icon was weird because the lightning bolt is now in the middle, is it normal? i also noticed the battery goes down so fast in all my apple devices…

  2. Paul Dela Cruz

    both my iphone 6s plus 3 months ago, after updating to ios 12.0.1 i have a lot of issues like my cell signal and charging issue is the worst, status bar says it's charging but the percentage is not increasing urrgghhh 🙁

  3. amyzt2000

    I didn’t see whether you addressed this…Since downloading iOS 12, I’ve been receiving an error message related to my non-Apple charger: “This Accessory May Not Be Supported on iPhone iPad in iOS 11/12”
    I Googled for a fix and what I found seemed to help. Maybe your followers need to know about it. Thanks!

  4. Ravi Kumar

    In this new update IOS 12.0.1, there are couple of issues in 5s.
    1) Couple of apps are real slow
    2) Notifications disable for couple of apps
    3) While opening some apps it’s shows a white screen for a long time and closes the app.

  5. Simos805

    So another bug that has been fixed is a bug in iMessage Screen effects that affected the synchronization of the image the sound and the haptic feedback and played them unsynchronized, and it was been there from iOS 11. Now it's been fixed finally!!


    My iPhone 6S has become dead after installing iOS 12.0.1 .. upon visiting iPhone service centre, they informed me that my charging port and IC circuit got damaged.. I believe Apple is intentionally provoking customers to upgrade to latest phones.. people don't fall to these games and overall the customer satisfaction has drastically fallen down bcoz of these useless tactics.. worst part from Apple is small andoroid players have good battery life than iPhone..

  7. Robert Adams

    Is anybody experiencing the glitch while watching YouTube videos?. I can have my phone down and the pause logo pops in the middle of the screen and dims the video. Its been happening for a few months?.


    After update on my iPad mini 4, while watching YouTube videos, Siri keeps asking if she can help me, like every few mins or so. Have you heard anything

  9. dhh3 TrailHawk

    iPhone 8 here. lost my Bluetooth icon with 12, and still do not have it with the update. I also did not see it on your phone when you were showing the Bluetooth fix. I have called Apple 2x.

  10. laz tej

    Quick question for everyone and you as well should I update even though I have none of those problems and I’m on iOS 12 on a iPhone XS?

  11. John M

    Im unable to Airdrop anything from my iPhone to my Ipad or vice versa since updating to IOS 12. When I select the device on the Airdrop list it automatically says “Declined”. Was hoping that version12.0.1would fix the issue but it hasn’t. Ive tried several things to try and fix the issue but nothing is working. Never had this kind of issue before updating to IOS 12. I have an older iPhone (6) and an older iPad mini (2) so I wouldn’t know if this is an issue on newer devices but I sure would appreciate suggestions if you’ve had this problem.

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