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In today’s video, we’re discussing a very important update to the Unc0ver Jailbreak for iOS 12.0 up to #iOS 12.1.2 by Pwn20wnd and Sam Bingner. The Beta 46 has been released a few hours ago to fix an important stability issue people were having where the device would be stuck in a respring loop or the stability would be flaky if the “Reload System Daemons” was toggled on. Pwn20wnd mentioned much better system stability with the latest Beta and since the problem affects anybody using #Unc0ver on iOS 12, it’s crucial to update to the latest Beta to fix the issue.

At the same time, Sam Bingner, the other developer behind Unc0ver #Jailbreak, has mentioned that the Cydia Impactor error 42 about the invalid entitlements in the binary is caused by a bug in Apple’s software which makes it so that the necessary entitlements are not added. Both Xcode and Cydia Impactor are affected, so if you have the error 42 you’ll need to wait for a fix.

The latest beta can, however, be installed without Cydia Impactor by using one of the many No-Computer services such as Ignition. Make sure that it is at least beta 46, however, since sometimes these services have an older Beta or have multiple Betas listed. This is a very important update which fixes a major stability issue on iOS 12 and I recommend anybody to uninstall the old Unc0ver and re-jailbreak with the new beta, The tweaks will be preserved unless you run the RootFS restore.

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24 Replies to “iOS 12.1.2 / 12 VERY IMPORTANT Unc0ver UPDATE / FIX & CYDIA IMPACTOR ERROR 42”


    hey GEOSN0W and peeps, i currently experiencing a problem with copying and pasting a text any where on my phone, it reads (-—-THIS SHOULD BE THE START OF THE STRING—— 1552621857.961916ctor) and a bunch of other text follows any help to rectify this would be great.?

  2. Luciano Martinez

    Hey everyone, I just updated my iPhone 6 to iOS 12.1.2 (using Futurerestore) yesterday, installed Unc0ver using TweakBox, but I can’t get it to work.

    I’ll open and it will say something like:

    -canOpenURL: Failed for URL: “Cydia://“ ~ Error:
    “This app is not allowed to query for scheme Cydia.”

    And other times it will work, but it’ll get stuck on 16/46 and then give me a Fatal Error.

    I’ve already tried rebooting, reinstalling the app, running it in airplane mode, deleting the OTA update, but nothing’s working. I even tried restoring my iPhone altogether, but it’s still the same issue.

    Any suggestions?

  3. Anime intensifies

    I'm still waiting for rollectra 11.1.2 tbh
    Electra is becoming worse than it was.
    It makes my phone laggy and crashes all the time without any reason. I also don't update any utilities from the electra repository because it makes the situation worse.

    Is there a way to uninstall electra without leftovers like rollectras doing ?

    I wanna switch to unc0ver so badly.

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