iOS 12.1.2 has MAJOR issues..

iOS 12.1.2 is the WORST Version of iOS 12.. | iOS 12.1.2 Review (3 Weeks Later)

iOS 12.1.2 was released a few weeks ago and I’ve been running it on my daily driver device (iPhone XS Max), but the experience has been anything but enjoyable. In this video, I break down my experience with 12.1.2 – the battery life, cellular connectivity, performance, bugs & more!

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Are you on iOS 12.1.2? Have you had the same experience as me?

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29 Replies to “iOS 12.1.2 has MAJOR issues..”

  1. Cjmitt

    I’ve had that airplane mode issue b4, just rebooted my phone and it was fixed. Not a big deal, although I’m glad I haven’t had any of these other issues on my XS 🙂

  2. delton james

    The only problem i facing is i cannot screen recording or do live stream. Before update to ios 12,everything was smooth. After updating its starting to have issues on screen recording. I had to reboot and it can screen recording once then the 2nd time i try to screen record it can’t. Why????

  3. MR. Funny

    I have problems with my iPhone XS Max too I have to turn it off and back on to turn of the keyboard while I’m on the phone for some reason my iPhone get the key while I’m on the phone dial

  4. Daniel Clark

    iOS 12.1.1 on iPad Pro completely sucks for 2 reasons swipe down for search bar an type an app in an search there’s no response or pop up anyway won’t search for anything and second when using Facebook messenger for video calls the iPad completely makes it impossible to answer video calls or decline. It causes the iPad Pro to freeze an stay on call screen until you hold power button to restart. This is after all AppStore’s updates and iOS update system install. Imagine someone calling numerous times freezing the iPad on call screen an never being able to swipe down for search bar that doesn’t search for anything. So now you scroll through all app screens to find one.

  5. bayo ibiyemi

    Can I still downgrade to 12.1.1? I just bought the X and it was amazing only for it to auto update to 12.1.2 after 5 days, now for the past 7 days I've gotten terrible battery life, phone overheats so bad I can't hold it, the battery displays warning message "your iPhone has been used more tha usual since upgrading your iOS which may affect battery life "

  6. slamandjam2

    I've noticed that my iPhone XS Max has significantly slower wifi than my Macbook Pro from 2013. I get around 60 MBPS on my iPhone and around 280-300 MBPS on my Macbook. Kind of annoying since my OnePlus that I moved from was getting near Macbook speeds for wifi

  7. Shane Haslett

    My IPhone 7 128 gb is only 18 months out of the original Apple box. Worked great v.10’s – 11.4) came and ruined it! Finally when the first v. 12) came along it actually changed overall performance. So I was happy and trusting j again. So o did update the next two at 12.1.1) and 12.1.2). They have turned my nice little l overpriced 800$ plus 7 into complete CRAP! It’s terrible !!! And the battery is even worse! I’m charging this damn thing 3 times a day from a long use from 6 am to 12 am. Oh and the battery %%% status was 98% before 12.1.2 – now it’s at a rapid decline of (91)%! I’m so fedup with APPLES Shadiness! All my decline with this 7 started right after my warranty was up!???? I’ve got nothing but lies and hardware blame in order to let them achieve sending mine in for replacement at full retail! When this thing about burn up 8 months ago they had me send it to get a full new replacement. Well guess what my “” Senior Advisor “” was caught and self admitted to the lie S they sent back my same original phone calling they replaced the trouble softwares and the battery too, to cease he phone burning up in my hand. ALL LIES!!! These people are crooks! I’m only stuck here with it because I spent too much of my savings buying it outright and now I don’t have extra to go buy my new Samsung Galaxy I will be switching to for good. All I’ve had and all I’ve spent is years of high priced junk they got away with early on as their product wasn’t bad at all back then! My 4 5-5s all great operations. I bought my son the new [SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB A] for Christmas. This tech. , soft and hard ware is nothing short or amazing! Fast smart procedures smooth and shiny sleek appearance and superb flow of all tanks. WiFi games movies downloads, as a whole their is nothing about it relates to IPhone status. Brand new this is the real deal product worth more than the brand new retail or 199.00$$$ my iPad mini 3 wasn’t as good as this tablet either! All the great loyal family Apple has to rely on in us as faithful consumers has been scandalously taken away by pure selfish evil in that company! Year after year we are patient and continue to automatically give them all the chances to make things right and year after year it gets worse, the prices rise to an all new self greed they thrive on and the products have all new bells and whistles yet the performance is worse to rely on than the very first years at Apple! They do NOT deserve all the world support they get from us good hardworking people scraping by just to get the next newest shininess version of APPLE TECH! Good luck to all you consumers out there getting a raw deal!

  8. F ZR

    My iPhone 6 Plus has gotten worst with every iOS update from 10 on. Missed call, dropped call, no cell service, dropping wi-fi calls, pop up showing Verizon disconnected my LTE and so on. This will most likely be my last iPhone ever. Verizon can’t fix the problems while apple creates problems with no support.

  9. Dylan

    Posting a video titles that it has “MAJOR” issues…. then going back on the title in the first two minutes saying it’s not widespread. Then telling people not to upgrade. I’m not saying iPhones don’t have issues but it’s very situational. Small bugs don’t impact me personally as much as I’ve been on the betas for years. I endured the 2 hour or less battery life on iOS 7 and 8 betas. I personally have only ever seen an iPhone 5c have any major issues on public released software.

    Also people should always upgrade to the newest OS within 48 hours if possible. It’s fine to wait maybe 5-8 hours to make sure it doesn’t have major crippling bugs but after that I’ll take the safety of bug and security fixes over small issues. Small bugs will always be an issue. At least until average consumers, the ones not on YouTube, do the public betas and or at least actually report these bugs it’ll never make a difference.

  10. Apoorv Desai

    Hey I’m facing a problem like when i use my cellular data for playing games It couldn’t start games such as pubg and mc5 and when i use wifi it starts…how does it happening???

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