iOS 12.1.3 Finally Released! Should You Update?

iOS 12.1.3 Final Review. Finally Released, Should You Update? 5 New Changes, Smart Battery Support, Speed & Everything To Know.

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48 Replies to “iOS 12.1.3 Finally Released! Should You Update?”

  1. Ice Fall

    Anyone having problems when connecting to laptop after this update?

    My phone keeps chiming after connecting, then a message comes up that I need an update on the computer to connect my XR.

  2. Daniel Shirsat

    I have a 6S Plus. Ever since I have updated to 12.1.2 the portrait orientation lock, gyroscope, shake to undo, dictation and iMessages have stopped working. All this works fine only for a few minutes after a reboot. I thought 12.1.3 would solve all these issues but problems still persists.
    You know iOS 12 had really made my phone fast and smooth. But now it’s bugging me.
    Can you please help?

  3. Paula Španić

    Why does no one talk about the red eyes when using camera flash on the xs? Also battery on 12.1.3 is bad. Since the update I also had a weird issue with speakers. Sounds like listening to scratched cd. (I got the xs 2 weeks ago and did not damage it in any possible way. There were no speaker/sound issues until the new update)

  4. sunsetlover

    Have you noticed that the stock ios keyboard adapts to apps that are set to night mode or a dark theme since 12.1.3? Or does mine just have a glitch?

  5. Aaron Caskey

    a few days ago, my friend and i were confused when her iphone did that fade effect on the app switcher, and mine did the swipe effect. then she told me she got her iphone from hong kong, and maybe that was why. so now we know?

  6. onasazi

    Been noticing after updating to 12.1.3 is that after closing an app, and i try to open the control center… it lags or even doesn’t open right away. I’m using iphone 8

  7. DanOXO

    I have an iPhone 8 do I need to update every time after iOS 12.1 because the updates look like they are only for the X versions? Do I need to waith untill iOS 13 comes out? Like to know thx!

  8. Dragon4201976 Game Organizer

    I have an XS Max.
    I have updated to 12.1.3 All I have to say is Wifi Connectivity issues still occur. I never had issues til 12.1.2 came out and they still exist now.

    Apple really needs to get on top of this. How can apple expect people to keep buying their phones if we can not depend on them to Have workable software and Optimal hardware!

    Makes me wish I Kept My iPhone X because I never had any issues with that phone!

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