iOS 12.1.3 is Out! – What's New?

iOS 12.1.3 is now available to all iOS 12 devices. This update brings fixes to iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, iPads and more. If you questioned whether you should install iOS 12.1.3 or not, then this is the time. #ios12 #apple #update

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30 Replies to “iOS 12.1.3 is Out! – What's New?”

  1. Jack Schissler

    They need to do one that gives us much louder sound. My ringtones are not loud nor is my music. All volume for everything is up so it must be in the software. I have a 7+

  2. ThE TrUth HuRtS

    The most important thing is the device does not have a quick charger ???
    The news : By 2020 the iphone will come crunchy and you will buy an assembly ??? fuck apple

  3. Dylan Boyd

    My IPad doesn’t even split screen like that I swipe the app over to the side but when I try tapping on my original app the side app disappears I’m confused??‍♂️

  4. Christine Joy Abellano

    I update my mom’s iphone 6s plus and now a triangle appeared saying my mom’s ‘cellular update failed’. Her phone doesn’t have any signal and can’t connect to cellular data. How do i fix this???

  5. Alex Nistor

    Let me tell you one new feature that i've seen to this update . My ipad pro doesen't charge anymore via USB C – USB C . I can charge only if i am using a USB A to USB C :))) and guess what , their charger use USB type C , so i need to use an another charger.

    Another feature is that you can't use 50% – 50% split mode anymore , only 75 – 25%. And a lot of bugs that it doesen't have before.

  6. Bikal Binod Adhikari

    I’m having problem while switching from normal browsing to private browsing mode. It freezes the whole safari application. And the settings app have been collecting something called “remotemanagementd-2019” and whole analytics section is filled with different types of errors. The battery drops tremendously from 100 to 95 and then slowly start to drain again.


    I have noticed that the build number of the iOS 12.1.3 for iPhone XS Max is actually 16D40 rather than 16D39.

    Does anyone know why? Thanks very much.

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