iOS 12.1.4 and iOS 12.2 Beta 2 – Follow Up

iOS 12.1.4 has been out for a couple days and iOS 12.2 Beta 2 has been out a few days. I go over my experience with the updates as far as stability and battery life and also show the community poll results and go over what issues you are experiencing. #iOS #iphone #update #Apple

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41 Replies to “iOS 12.1.4 and iOS 12.2 Beta 2 – Follow Up”

  1. Julia Sescon

    how is the battery life for iphone 8 plus on the 12.1.4? i have the 12.1.2 and the battery life is fine. I wanna know if I should update to the 12.1.4

  2. KevN B

    iPhone XR here on 12.1.4 and for the first time ever I’m dropping cellular data. Didn’t even have this problem on 12.1.2 when everyone else was and now I have it. It’s also happening to me on the latest apple tv OS just not cellular data on the tv obviously but still says I lost connection when the other 12 devices connected to my WiFi are working just fine. It’s super frustrating actually.

  3. skysurf capt. firdaus

    I want some update with better battery performance, not easily heating up the back while surfing and gaming. No glinche while swiping menu pages, battery n date/time on lockscreen. Better performance for apps such as facetime since b4 this they hve some problem with group facetime. ??

  4. Matthew Duca

    I’m not sure what’s going on but iOS 12.1.4 has really made my iPhone 10s Maxs’ battery suck. I have 100% battery capacity but it dies much quicker now. Have you ran into this at all, Zollotech?

  5. bina21

    I have an iPhone 7 Plus and I am still on iOS 12.0 because I’m concerned about the LTE issue- what is your opinion about updating to iOS 12.1.4? I can’t use my ekg on my Apple Watch until I update the phone but I’m a little afraid of not having any service if I update….

  6. Stephs Jamn

    12.1.4 is an update that’s going to be done on my 6s plus tonight. Any idea if this is going to effect my phone? Last update messed up my calling and voicemail it freezes up

  7. Thom Doonan

    12.1.4 did a number on my iPhone 6's battery. I have replaced my battery so I know that wasn't the issue. It is still showing 100% battery health. The day after I updated to 12.1.4 my battery died in about an hour. I did a total battery drain and recharge to see if the battery meter glitch had come back but I still had a flat battery in a few hours. I deleted any new app that could have been causing battery drain on the new OS but that didn't help either.

    I decided to bite the bullet and do a Reset All Settings to get everything back to factory settings. Pain in the neck since I have to go in and reset all my wifi passwords, mail settings, always on Manual never on Push or Fetch. Locations, Notifications, Screen settings etc. So far this seems to have helped.

    I realize it could have just been the new iOS setting itself up that killed the battery, but I haven't had this happen since I think iOS 9.

  8. oliver w.

    There is an Alarm Bug in Clock in all latest versions.
    Alarm ignores volume setting when device is locked. If you unlock it goes to adjusted volume.
    Why does'nt apple fix this irritating error?

  9. Roderick Johnson

    Everything works great with the exception of the LTE/WiFi Inconsistency.. I continue to have issues with this. I have an iPhone X for work and seems to all have better signal and internet speeds. I can’t find other people still having issues but I know I can’t be crazy. Anyone else still having LTE issues?

  10. David Montgomery

    I have the 8 Plus, with iOS 12.1.4 I have noticed that the iPhone will have the connection (fan shape) engaged, but it will not load anything on the internet. In other words, the phone is indicating that it IS connected, but it isn’t. (?)

  11. Michael Jacob Bugarin

    From what I observed, 12.1.2 had good battery life but I noticed a little bit of performance issues, it's fine but it's a little slower for me. 12.1.3 fixed the performance, but took a toll on the battery life. 12.1.4 fixed both performance and battery, it's more optimized but 12.1.2 still had better battery life. There were bug fixes here and there such as the Reduce Motion bug and hiccups on lock screen. It's pretty much still fine and smooth on my SE. But I noticed it slows down whenever it's turning on Night Shift via Scheduled times, have mine at around 5:30pm and it slows down a bit.

  12. Kevin Tan

    ios 12.1.4. opening links for example from gmail. links do not open in chrome the first time. it just opens chrome and stops. have to press back button to gmail and open the link a second time to work.

  13. Podkriznik

    The charge state on the lock screen is probably there because iPhone X and above doesn't show the battery percentage at the top of the screen… They should put both the battery percentage and the date on the lock screen, either shuffling it, like it does now, when you plug your phone in or just one above the other

  14. Harry McDow

    My old long in tooth 6S Plus seems to like 12.1.4 very much. Battery life is very good and the screen swiping is not jerky and smooth and fast. I re-battery’ed the thing last year and it’s still working great. Whatever they did is working well. Thanks Aaron!! Great video.

  15. Thomas White

    I’m on an iPhone X with 12.1.4 and am experiencing issues again with Wi-Fi connectivity. It improved with 12.1.3 … but continually disconnects from my home WiFi now.

  16. danielgartin6993

    12.2 beta 2 for me , do you have a problem with third-party apps erasing your data, for example I have an overactive bladder that sometimes leaks and to track it I use the iUFlow app and when I installed it I lost all of my records

  17. Dan Addams

    Considering that every single beta and public updates are facing wifi and LTE issues now is for sure a hardware issue… my iPad pro 12.9 2018 always had terrible wifi signal and a ton of drops since I bought it……. but that's not a surprise… apple always has the worst wifi and cellular signals. I'm on the last update and my battery is now terrible… I'm considering never update my iPad anymore… apple started to ruin it and is just few months old…… is disgusting… I'm very frustrated

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