iOS 12.1.4 Finally Released! FaceTime Fix & Jailbreak Update!

iOS 12.1.4 Review. Finally Released, Should You Update? FaceTime Fix & Ban For Earlier Devices, iOS 12 Jailbreak Update & Everything To Know.

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49 Replies to “iOS 12.1.4 Finally Released! FaceTime Fix & Jailbreak Update!”

  1. Cornelius Boomer

    I have two major problems with iOS 12.1.4. #1. Snapchat, if you record a video ten times of video chat with a person for 5 minutes, you’ll receive a stutter. #2. If you play CSR Racing 2, after the 5-6 race during gameplay, you’ll get a major stutter. Apple has slow down the GPU performance. YOU SHOULD CHECK IT OUT.

  2. Nur Safinah

    Hmmm what i noticed was that my lockscreen when it starts the bedtime mode like with the do not disturb thingy, the background and all that turned cloudy. Or blurry. ? Did this happen to u ? ?

  3. Sof Deforce

    I have an issue charging my xs and 7 plus with a generic lightning cable after the update. Anyone having the same issue?? My mom has a 6s and she can use a generic cable.

  4. Ivan Dumančić

    I have a question, for someone dumb but I can't find the answer anywhere.. Is there any jailbreak for iOS 12.1.4 on iPhone 8? I would love to jailbreak my ip8 but I can't find anything anywhere, there is everything for XR and XS but nothing for 8

  5. 303AdrianArian

    On 12.1.4 when I am typing a text and say I put te it shows text in middle but if I hit space button it leaves te and don’t put text in sentence. Can that be adjusted without typing full word?


    You’re right: you seem pretty stupid to be so excited of such minor improvement! I really hope you fake it for the sake of the video, otherwise I’d be sorry for you! ???

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