iOS 12.1.4 is Out! – What's New?

iOS 12.1.4 is now available to all iOS 12 devices. This update restores Group FaceTime for all devices that update to this new version. If you questioned whether you should install the latest iOS 12.1.4 update or not, now is the time. #iphone #ios #update #Apple

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49 Replies to “iOS 12.1.4 is Out! – What's New?”

  1. Samson ite

    Anyone come across the personal ringtone bug where it only plays apple ringtones but settings still says its on your personal ringtone? Why don’t these guys never find these bugs I seem to find em very easy:( starting to hate apple now!

  2. KriegerBR29

    If I swipe down, then right to the widgets panel, next time when I swipe down will it go directly to the widgets?

    I messed with the 12.0.1 on the iPad and it wouldn't do this, always going back to notifications on down swipe. I'm just hoping this is "fixed" in 12.1.4. It's a really useful tweak.


    I’ve got the new IOS update, but I can’t change my brightness anymore. How can I fix that? I can’t even see what my volume is without pressing the button either.

  4. Melan Antonio

    Anybody here having problems with their microphone since updating to ios 12.1.4?

    E.g. can’t make a phone call, can’t record voice memos, recorded videos has no audio

  5. in2Rafi

    This video is released in 7th Feb, 2019. You are still using iPhone 8! You are so rich to get even iPhone Xs Max. Am I wrong? Haha..

  6. Daniel Kleinmeier

    Updates are u losing control as they destroy ur device weakening its battery…and that’s just what we know….. majn if u knew all the intricacies of their secrets…

  7. Gary

    The update fck up my sim. Now it saying invalid sim. It was all good before the update? nice one apple
    Btw, im using 6s

  8. smithser_tube

    hey zollotech aar0n,.i updated to 12.1.4 a c0uple of days ago and i n0tice that my battery is heating up tremendously even im on wifi and being 0nline f0r 10mins,,its crazy,.other than that,the ph0ne w0rks fine..its just the battery is heating up when its n0t supp0se to,,

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