iOS 12.1 Review! Finally Released, Should You Update?

Final & Ultimate iOS 12.1 Review. Finally Released, Should You Update? 15 New Features, Speed, Hidden Features & More Before Updating!

New iPad Pro Released!:

Full Emoji List:

48 Replies to “iOS 12.1 Review! Finally Released, Should You Update?”

  1. Wayne Clark

    I honestly feel sad for you guys needing new iPhones to try and be happy, it won’t happen only a relationship with Jesus Christ will bring true joy , I know I used to be a gadget addict always wanting the newest tech it was constant search it was horrible never was happy with what I had because something new would come out in 6 months or a year , God said be happy with what you have not what you don’t have , consumerism is destroying people souls and lives . Just think about it how happy are you after you buy a new phone a week maybe two then it’s just another object nothing special, but when you have God in your life and you realize all this stuff is pointless and what is important is relationship with Jesus we all die one day so I care more about going to heaven by believing that Jesus died for my sins , good works doesn’t save you we are all sinners that need a savior that’s why Jesus died for use to save use he didn’t die so we could rely on materialistic things for happiness, look at all the rich people who have everything and they are miserable, they don’t know Jesus that’s why, they have this whole they try to fill by buying things

  2. Wayne Clark

    Quality of life changes lol , you obviously live in fantasy world , food , shelter and water is quality of life not a apple update typical millennial, oh wow bagel emoji looks better , and we wonder why other countries hare Americans

  3. Jaden Fong

    3:20 it did the opposite form my iphone8 now i gotta open a picture on google images 2+ tines in order for it to appear, i’m waiting until the next update to fix that

  4. totok gendeng

    just updated my 2017 9.7 ipad, and battery drains noticeably faster… i rarely (if not never) update my devices mostly for this battery reason and i skipped ios 11… apple keeps pushing this annoying notification to install updates, but then if your device is bugged, you cant revert to the previous os version…. thats stupid..only a matter of time people sue manufacturers for something like this…

  5. Curtis Smith

    GODS NOT DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you still need to accept Jesus Christ repeat these words; Lord Jesus I repent of my sins I make you my lord and savior come into my heart. If you prayed that prayer you have been born again in Jesus Christ!! Get in bible based church and keep God FIRST PLACE!!!

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