iOS 12.2 Beta 2! New Animojis, Animations & More

iOS 12.2 Beta 2 Released With 4 New Animojis, New Animations, Icons, ‘5G E’ Support & More! 20 Features & Changes.

iOS 13 Sneak Peak:
My Tesla Crash:

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39 Replies to “iOS 12.2 Beta 2! New Animojis, Animations & More”

  1. December1014

    #16 Auto fill login doesn’t & hasn’t work ed for me (currently on 12.2 beta 4) is there a setting or toggle I’m not aware of that must be activated? This is a nicely added feature I welcome if it works.

  2. kt

    i noticed this happened on your phone too, mine also showed like 90% charged or whatever when it not even charging so i don’t even know what day it is

  3. NOT A BOT

    You can customize subtitles on ios 12
    Go to Settings – General – Accessibility
    Scroll down and you’ll see subtitles and captioning then press on Style now you can customize you subtitles

  4. AmitB

    The most annoying bugs I found in the latest update of dev beta 12.2 is:
    •On the lock screen where it should show the date, it instead always shows the %age charged when the phone isn’t even charging
    •Also, reminders set, show in the notification centre but don’t actually give notifications

  5. Bartaloe

    Is it just me, or is anyone else experiencing the "charged" status in the lock screen even after unplugging the charger from your iPhone. I'm using iPhone XS Max 16E5191d is my iOS build !!

  6. Sebastian Codrean

    What about bugs?! I’m running iOS 12.2 public beta 2 on an iPhone 6S and on the lock screen instead of the date and day, it shows percentage of battery. Hope they fix this in next release

  7. David Thane

    There’s a glitch on it where when Touch ID doesn’t recognized your finger the keyboard comes up and you have to use the keyboard to put in your pin

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