iOS 12.2 Beta 6 – Follow Up and More

iOS 12.2 Beta 6 has been out for a few days. I go over my experience with the updates as far as stability and battery life on iOS 12.2 Beta 6. I also talk about the March Apple Event, New AirPods, iPads, Mac Updates and more. #iOS #Apple #iphone

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33 Replies to “iOS 12.2 Beta 6 – Follow Up and More”

  1. keith staunton

    Remember some weeks back Apple started to change modem number Cause of L. T E and Wi-Fi issues but I’m on iPhone 6 I have it J B . I’m all so have IPhone X know problem there. It’s only iPhone 6 . Thank you for getting back to me your the only one that those ? see I was wondering cause of Apple changing model numbers it would affect my iPhone 6 that’s what I was asking ? thanks again Keitho ??

  2. ddkuo

    I wish Apple would incorporate "Charge to 85%" power scheme….. Even auto switch to Full-Charge when alarm goes off ?(Minimizing 100% high-voltage battery-stress time)

  3. Emaan Arora

    @zollotech my iphone 7 has dropped on corner and the screen has shattered but the display is completely working as well as before and 3d touch too.. but after getting dropped a crack came on the battery sign, but i can see theough the crack and touch response is also working. So tell me that it's only the front glass to be changed or the whole display is gonna replaced ?

  4. Avery's Tech

    I'm using iOS 12.1.4 on an iPhone XR. I've been noticing recently that I'm not getting notifications either, so I'm really hoping they fix it in iOS 12.2

  5. Afsan Jihan

    from the beginning of ios 12 , I am facing a wifi issue.wifi doesn’t connect without go settings.when I go out and come back my home 70% time it doesn’t connect without go settings.but my wifi is on always

  6. Lou Levin

    Hi Aaron; I’d like your advice and opinion on what your favorite braided lighting cable is. My cords keep fraying all the time. There’s so many companies and I know the new iPhone 11 will still be using lightning and not usb type c. So I need a good cable. Thanks!

  7. G Mail

    What is the issue with people downgrading the iPhone XS Max for the Xr? It seems more of a marketing strategy for apple than a performance problem. I have an iPhone XS Max 12.1.4 with no problems whatsoever and it seems that every youtuber is maligning the Xs for purchase of the Xr. Can you explain this?

  8. OmerM92

    It can’t be a hardware issue… I have connectivity issues since I updated to 12.1.4 (not using the betas) on iPhone 7 and on my iPad Air 2, and I hear people complaining on these same issue with other models too…

    So unless all of our devices’ antennas went poop at the same time – it ain’t it ??‍♂️

  9. keith staunton

    Aaron Just a Quick question Cause your the only one that gets back. Anyway I’m on iPhone 6 I have it Jb but ever since Apple started messing with Moulden number over people having problems with there wi-Fi and orders. But now it’s happening to me just wondering would you think it’s that modem number) anyway thanks again for your help Keitho ??

  10. Miguel Matti

    I'm curious as to why the hey siri would trigger people's devices when it should only recognize your voice instead of others & have YouTubers not say the "hey siri" command

  11. Cornelius Smith

    You have Quality content sir and I just got my first iPhone with the max 6 month ago. Your videos helped me to learn about iOS and how to maintain the longevity of my iPhone. Keep it up. Also I am quite sad that the max dose have a hardware issue with connectivity with the band placement and different modems. Which do you think is the best iPhone apple has ever made just curious from being good hardware wise?

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