iOS 12.2: Few Days Later! (Battery, Issues, Etc.)


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Just a quick little update about iOS 12.2 and how it’s been holding up these last couple days!

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32 Replies to “iOS 12.2: Few Days Later! (Battery, Issues, Etc.)”

  1. Faizan mohd

    O m facing only one problem in my X my fon get automatically silent mode and aslo phone speakers also not working automatically after reset they working properly

  2. Luis&Julia’s Adventures

    I updated my phone last night to iOS 12.2 and the only issue I’ve been having is where I’m playing Spotify and pause it then I turn the screen off to put it in my pocket or something then it starts playing again.

  3. Mohammad Hassany

    On my iPhone XS, after updating iOS to 12.2 sometimes my phone restarts and when turns on it doesn't recognize the battery information and battery charge level is ˜1%. But after a few minutes it jump up back to where it was.

    I don't know if someone else also faced the same issue.

  4. All4Jesus

    Problem is they have too many different phones running the same iOS, my 8+ is garbage I used to get like 6 hours usage at 50% now I'm lucky if I get 3-4. Last good iOS was 11.3.3 for me after that my battery has been trash

  5. Schiknider Dark

    i am using 7 plus and after the update i am facing battery drain issue i use the phone daily and after the update,although i am doing the same office routine it feels like i am loosing more charge than i did before. another issue is that the brightness does not auto adjust in some cases and some time if i ramp up the brightness the screen does not look as bright as before. does anyone facing similar problem?

  6. Mohammad Mustafa

    I updated to ios 12.2 on iPhone X
    And I regret it, my phone started to freeze and lag since I installed it, and there is no way of avoiding this freeze,lag, and crashing every time I use the phone.
    What can I do ?


    My Phone With The previous update Gives a lot of battery issues it just gets Switched Off at 80 % or sometimes at 20% & doesnt switches on until & unless i Charge it i am using IPhone 7. the battery drains like its a joke.

  8. No Crew Film

    After the ios 12.2 update i have an issue in notification screen. That is when i play some thing in any app and then when i close that and leave that app, that time when i look in my notification screen it has still has the music bar and it is not closing it stays until i force close that app !

  9. Brandon Chua

    one problem i’ve realised is that in the homescreen, even though “reduce motion” option is turned off, the app icons will not move when u tilt phone. It happens initially, but stops after a while. Curious if anyone is facing the same issue.

  10. Paul Rivera

    Great recap dude. I think you should also emphasize the fact that if the screen goes on with a static image displayed, it’s going to cause a burn in problem for OLEDs.

    As for the spotify problem, I’m also getting it on iOS 12.1.4

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