iOS 12.2 Released! 50+ New Features & Changes!

Apple released iOS 12.2 today and here at 50+ new features/changes that you can find in this new version of iOS!

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Hope you guys find this useful! Enjoy! I’ll see you, in the next video 🙂
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30 Replies to “iOS 12.2 Released! 50+ New Features & Changes!”

  1. H F

    What happen ios12 App Store after enter search. The search result load, but it just won't scroll down the list of result?

  2. Ather Rafiq

    Nice Review by far as compared to others till date. btw im using Iphone XS i feel 12.1.4 had a better battery life. it can be just me who has noticed this cos i have seen lots of reviews stating 12.2 has better timing..

  3. Rister B

    This update is so underwhelming. I didn’t have any betas but I kept watching every YouTuber talking about it and people excited for it and now that is here… what? There are some things that people actually want and Apple goes ahead and releases a couple new icons? Some new emojis? Why the hell did they hype this? They could’ve just waited for iOS 13 and include this ridiculous “changes” in there with a much bigger update.

  4. Judith F

    I just watched this video,Jeffrey,if I’m not mistaken that’s your name? I have the latest iPad pro 11,and looks like some things are a little different in IOS 12.2 from the iPhone,but maybe that’s normal? In order to join this Discord server,do i have to download an app? Because i have a question and don’t want to make it really long, where can i find more detailed information or tutorial about how best to organize Apple Music? Library,playlist etc…I subscribe and mostly listen to classical,but I’ve only used an ipad for less than a year,wasn’t familiar with the music app,and not that’s hard,but i would like to know more about the best way to organize,not just by genre or alphabetical,maybe there are other ways,like can i put together folders (well maybe I’m thinking a PC) inside the library,like same artist or composer in the same folder? Also when i stop listening to a song or piece of music,i can never completely stop it,just pause it? Well,my question became long anyways, maybe if you don’t have time answering,you can direct me to where i find more information. Much appreciated

  5. Ali Z

    Can you do a iOS update/whats new? for on the iPhone 8 tho? Like its cool this is all available for the X but i bet it wont be all the same for the different iPhones

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