iOS 12.3 Beta 1 MORE New Features /Battery & More…

iOS 12.3 battery and performance in iOS 12.3 on new iPhone Xs iPhone X and older iPhone SE 😉


Mirror iPhone Screen to MacOS Mojave Free:

AirPower Dead ?



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  1. Mike Zhang

    I have to see the signal issues with my iphone xr from the beginning, are very annoying. I'm a businessman, that's a lot of situations I need to use my phone, but there's no signal, no Internet connection, I have to run around asking people to give me a hotspot, searching for Wi-Fi, it's a mobile phone is not a wifi phone.connection phone. I am switching to HUAWEI mate 20 pro. no matter how many versions of this, updates. it just not working, not only me all my friends iphone does the same shit, iphones legendary history is only belonged to, Steven jobs, now it goes down hill, I know the software an app store really gave his on the so much money in the stock market is amazing, but come ,on if you ignore, and the continue to ignore the product of quality, the market, the people are not stupid, they gonna ditch you, Tim cook, what are you doing?

  2. Kynq Drew

    1: when I ejected the sim I’m supposed to see no sim I wasn’t seeing that I was seeing “ no service”

    2: when I ejected the sim now it’s saying “no sim” but still not picking up

    3: I putted it on 2G then > put it on airplane mode > I saw it picked up for about 5 minutes then back to “ no service “ again

    4: it don’t pick up on 3G nor LTE

    How can I know if it’s a hardware problem or software problem?

  3. Lara Croft

    Who else is on iphone xs max and when they screen record a video the phone crashes iam on 12.2 but the video has to be high resolution and high brightness

  4. Ak P

    Issues i hate my iPhone xs max
    I send $1350 for a phone that is not even able to
    Connect network properly ?
    And apple is doing nothing

  5. Tyler Catton

    Is there going to be a IOS 12.1.3 jailbreak coming soon? Because I want to jailbreak my device again! But IOS 12.1.1 or IOS 12.1.2 is not being signed anymore by apple. So should I wait on IOS 12.1.3 or update to IOS 12.1.4 for the bug fixes and improvements from apple? Thanks iDeviceHelp for all the awesome videos you make here on YouTube!!!

  6. Lukas Staub

    I really have the feeling that everyone forgets that the iPhone SE has the same Apple A9 Chip as the 6s so it’s not „old“ it’s actually getting advantage of iOS 12 and apple is supposed to keep on supporting the 6s so the iPhone SE will last as long as the 6s as it’s not worse or better than the 6s

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